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The 1,001 Arabian Nights was a collection of 1,001 stories told by the legendary queen Scheherazade.

Known Stories[]



Long ago, Scheherazade learned 1,001 tales from all across the deserts and told them to her husband the Sultan. These tales held a strong magic of their own which she eternally preserved in her enchanted necklace which would allow whoever possessed to necklace to live out the adventures of her tales.

These tales would continue to be famous in Agrabah centuries later. At one point Jafar himself acquired the legendary necklace which he then "gave" to Iago.


Genie briefly mentions Scheherazade and her many tales to Aladdin upon introducing himself.

Iago Returns[]

Iago presented Aladdin and Jasmine with the ancient necklace of the 1,001 Tales which they used to travel to the era of the tales themselves and live them out.

Other Appearances[]

Many of the Adventureland Bazaar attractions in the Disney Parks, many of which were renamed Agrabah Bazaar or Agrabah Cafe after the 1992 film have murals or areas dedicated to and referencing events from the Arabian Nights.

Behind the Scenes[]

The 1,001 Arabian Nights are based on the real world collection of Middle Eastern stories of the same name. The narrative framework follows Scheherazade telling her new bitter husband 1,001 tales to prolong her execution and eventually leads to her winning his heart. It is unknown how many of the tales are still a part of the continuity of Aladdin or how many remain the same.


  • The song Arabian Nights is named after these tales.
  • A few episodes of the animated series borrowed elements from these tales however none were full scale adaptations of the stories.
  • The story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp which the 1992 film was based on was not actually a part of the original 1,001 Arabian Nights and was added only in later editions.