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A Sultan Worth His Salt
Season 2, Episode 51
Ep 75
Air date November 19, 1994
Written by Mirith J. Colao
Directed by Rob LaDuca
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When Jasmine is captured by a clan of warrior women who desire her allegiance, the Sultan is determined to save his daughter himself. Aladdin and the others, however, are a little apprehensive about letting the Sultan come along, but they have no choice. Jasmine, meanwhile, is forced to undergo a number of "initiation tests", during all of which she tries and nearly succeeds in escaping. As Jasmine races down the center of falling columns, Aladdin and the others blunder through the world of the warrior women, often falling into traps and getting stuck. During a moment of frustration, Aladdin declares to Genie, "How am I supposed to rescue Jasmine when I'm always rescuing him [the Sultan]?" to which the Sultan flares that he'll find Jasmine on his own and takes off, but not without Genie on his tail. In the final confrontation, it's the Sultan who saves the day, and Aladdin learns not to underestimate his future father-in-law.

Character Debut[]

Queen Hippsodeth


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