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The Oasis

The Oasis where Aladdin's fake kingdom was born.

Ababwa is the name of the fictional kingdom Genie created for Aladdin as part of his first wish to be a prince.


Prince Ali's Persian Monkeys

The countless subjects of Prince Ali.

For Aladdin's new kingdom, Genie magically conjured up hundreds upon hundreds of servants and animals all solely dedicated to loyally serving "Prince Ali" with a passion. Among these subjects are slaves, servants, flunkies, harem girls, drummers, a brass band, royal guards, jugglers, acrobats, flag-bearers, 40 fakirs, cooks, bakers and countless more.


Genie created an unparalleled zoo for Aladdin that was a world class menagerie made up of 53 purple peacocks, 95 white Persian monkeys, 60 elephants, 75 life-like golden camels, llamas galore, lions, tigers, bears, countless birds that warble on key and many other implied animals such as gorillas, goats and cheetahs.



When Aladdin makes his first wish to be a prince in order to marry Jasmine, Genie sets him up with a new princely wardrobe as well as transforming the oasis they are staying at into the seat of a new kingdom, made up of countless servants, slaves, flunkies and animals conjured by Genie's magic who are all dedicated to serving Aladdin, who is now called "Prince Ali Ababwa".

When "Prince Ali" finally arrives in Agrabah with his magically conjured subjects, they parade through the streets while singing praise to Prince Ali. Jasmine joins the parade as personal belly dancing slave girl. All The Belly Dancers join in the parade with the Harem Girls singing. Jafar however has all of Prince Ali's servants let in to the Sultan's Palace. Later on when Jafar takes control of the Genie, he uses his newfound powers to undo Aladdin's princedom. It is unknown what became of Aladdin's fake kingdom or if his subjects ceased to be then and there or were poofed away by Genie after they were removed from the Palace.

The Secret of Dagger Rock[]

Aladdin decided to take Jasmine to the oasis where he first became a prince during their getaway, however their time together was cut short by Mozenrath who set up a trap within the oasis to capture Aladdin in order to obtain his Genie.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin (2019 film)[]

The Genie from the film creates a false map of Ababwa resembling Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park. A tie-in sequel novel for the film actually has Aladdin taking Jasmine to his fictional enchanted kingdom.



  • In the deleted song "Humiliate the Boy" from the first film, Aladdin's subjects and servants would've returned and their fate would be shown. In the song, Jafar questions Genie about Aladdin's princedom, and Genie against his will reveals that Aladdin's horses were roaches, his camels were gnats and the rest including his human subjects were all actually diseased rats, all transformed by Genie's magic. Jafar then has Genie transform them all back to their true forms.