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Abdul was a brass and cookware merchant that lived in Agrabah.


He seems somewhat welcoming towards guests and will try to flatter them, however he is one to hold a grudge as according to Aladdin, Abdul still hates his guts for stealing from him in the past despite Aladdin having turned over a new leaf.



Aladdin and Abu used to steal things from him, especially Abu, which he never forgave them for.


As Jasmine is exploring the marketplace of Agrabah by herself for the first time, she walks by Abdul's stand who tries to convince her to buy some of his pots.

Jasmine and the Disappearing Tiger[]

The now engaged Jasmine and Aladdin are wandering the marketplace when they spot Abdul's stand which is still selling cookware but has now also started selling coffee and snacks which Jasmine is eager to try, however Aladdin convinces her to avoid his stand as Abdul still holds a grudge. Later when they meet Omar the Magician, he uses his magic to make Abdul's stand briefly disappear, much to his annoyance.