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Abis Mal's Thugs are minor villains in the animated sequel, The Return of Jafar, and Aladdin (TV series).

The Return of Jafar[]

The bandits are first shown during the opening of the movie returning from a successful raid on Agrabah, with apparently little to no help from Abis Mal himself. Nonetheless, Mal claims the majority of the loot as a combined "beloved leader bonus" whilst leaving the rest of his troop with a small bag of coins as their share. Their anger at their stingy boss is cut short by the shocking sight of the chest of some of their loot seemingly moving on its own. One thief lifts up the chest crossing his path to reveal it being Abu who was carrying it. Abis Mal grabs Abu as he tries to run away, only for Aladdin come from nowhere to the monkey's defense, jumping on four of the thugs heads in the process. Mal orders his men to attack him and they do so in the form of a brief brawl cloud, which reveals them pummeling one of their own in the place of Aladdin once subsiding. The crooks chase Aladdin and Abu as they steal back the treasure they took, but are consistently outwitted along the way. The next day, three of the henchmen also appeared with Abis Mal at the marketplace where they attempted to exact revenge on Aladdin (even reminding their leader of who he was in minor annoyance when he failed to remember who he was), although they were ultimately forced to flee after Iago not only sent them flying into a cart of eggs, but the guards also recognized them, or rather, their leader for his prior thefts. They eventually tried to kill him at the well both for the failure and for his stinginess, although his unknowingly summoning Jafar from his lamp forced them to flee.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Despite apparently betraying him before, the thieves that follow Abis Mal appear as more obedient and somewhat more cowardly henchmen, as he would kill or punish them severely if they failed him, though at least two episodes show that they are still prone to turning against him depending on the circumstance. Despite appearing somewhat frequently however, Mal's henchmen are also shown to have limited involvement in his plans on the show, only aiding him in four of the 13 episodes that he is the antagonist of, and are more often shown without his presence or conjunction, typically at the Skull and Dagger, the cafe headquarters of Agrabah's criminals and other rogues. In fact, it's implied that their allegiance isn't limited to each other or Abis Mal himself, as one episode has one such henchman paired up with Douani, a thief with no personal affiliation with Mal.

Aladdin and The King of Thieves[]

A number of the Forty Thieves resemble most of Abis Mal's men, though it's unclear if these are the same characters, and also unlikely l.