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Abnor resembles Abis, except he doesn't have a goatee. He is also dressed like Abis Mal: the turban and the arabian outfit, but their in different colors.


Initially, he seems nice but bossy and fearful of losing his position as tent maker. He does show slight arrogance and capabilities of manipulation, making sure that Hamid wouldn't listen to Aladdin and laughing at Aladdin's suggestion Agrabah could be built. While harmless, he show a darker side to his personality as he began to like Abis Mal's idea of overthrowing Hamed, becoming a thief, dictator, tyrant, and traitor.


When Aladdin and the others go back in time due to trying to interefere with Abis Mal's plans, they meet Jasmine's ancestor Hamed and then notice Abnor Mal and Aladdin attacks him, thinking he is Abis Mal. He corrects Aladdin and then tries to talk Hamed out of trying to build a kingdom in the middle of the desert, saying it was folly since it would be impossible to live there though his real intention was not losing his position as tent maker. Later, Abis Mal confronts him and suggests he help him create and rule Agrabah. At first hesitant (he is still afraid to lose his job and is a bit naiive) he agrees with the intent of enslaving everyone and becoming Elephant handler afterwards. Abis Mal throws Hamed into a time portal and make them build Agrabah. However, Genie stops them. He is forced to leave the group afterwards to be an outcast.