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Akim is the ambassador of Ganastan.


Armored and Dangerous[]

Akim had been picked by the ruler of Ganastan to fortify the alliance between Agrabah and Ganastan, and to ensure everything went well, Aladdin personally escorted Akim to Agrabah to ensure he would have a pleasant time. Upon arriving, he was informed that The Sultan had managed to defeat the dreaded Dominus Tusk who had laid siege to Ganastan once before. Akim was impressed and marveled at the Sultan's feat, however he was unaware that the Sultan was under the control of the evil spirit of Kileem who was not amused by Akim's words and instead threatened him and Ganastan with war for his "insolence", nearly breaking his hand in the process. Akim is not seen again after that, and because of this, it is unknown if Akim and Ganastan severed ties with Agrabah.