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The Al Muddy are a race of subterranean carnivorous cannibalistic earth elementals ruled by the evil and gigantic Al Muddy Sultan. They seem unintelligent and only interested in their next meal but are also fierce warriors and can be surprisingly quick with trying to capture their enemies.


The Al Muddy are vaguely humanoid entities made entirely of mud. Because of their slimy composition, the Al Muddy can potentially take any form they want, such as amorphous blobs or even Centaurs, but they mainly prefer their humanoid forms. Their faces are relatively humanoid as well but they have smaller skulls than humans along with dark red eyes, bulbous noses and large mouths. All Al Muddy with the exception of their giant leader look exactly the same and have an overall masculine appearance, with no females shown to exist, possibly due to that Al Muddy can reproduce via subdividing.


Because of their primitive nature, the Al Muddy do not have a proper society or culture. Only lounging about in mud or day and thinking up new ways to get their next meal. The only sign of culture in their entire realm is the palace of their Sultan, whose intelligence has allowed him to learn and adopt several human habits and even form complex architecture for himself. Because of this, he comes off as more cultured than his subjects with a mentality focused on luxury and fine dining, coming off as somewhat of a gourmet with an appreciation for high quality food, although whether all of these traits are shared by the rest of the Al Muddy race as they grow bigger and more intelligent or if its exclusive to their sultan is unknown.


Elemental Physiology[]

Muddy Mud

An Al Muddy can blend in with any muddy surface.

Because of their elemental nature, the Al Muddy are entirely made of mud and as such have a unique physiology that's far more flexible and amorphous than other beings, allowing them to transform into several shapes and even fuse with regular muddy surfaces. They can even form weapons from their bodies. Because of their body type, they can suffer all manner of injury or even be beheaded and it will cause them no harm. As such, the only way to defeat or kill an Al Muddy is to either expose them to the heat of the sun which will dry them up and they will crumble to dust or to freeze them in ice and shatter them.


The Al Muddy are a vicious and primitive race of elemental brutes who only know fighting and eating. Because of this, they are incredibly dimwitted and aren't even capable of speech, as such they rely on their leader, the Al Muddy Sultan to think for them and instruct them on what to do. Despite their low intelligence, they are smart enough to follow orders and carry out the complex plans of their leader. They are also intelligent enough to form tools and torches.


Mudder's Day[]

Plunder the Sea[]

Aladdin briefly mentions how he defeated the Al Muddy in order to prove his superiority over Captain Al Bahtross.

The Citadel[]

As Mozenrath is deciding which part of the Seven Deserts to take over first, he briefly considers the Subterranean World of the Al Muddy before setting his sights on Agrabah.

Sneeze the Day[]

Due to Genie's out of control sickness messing with his powers, he accidentally brings the Al Muddy Sultan back to life, along with Fashoom and Mechanicles' Mechanical Rhino Beetle. The Al Muddy Sultan is then eager to seek revenge upon Aladdin and the rest, but once Genie is cured by Aladdin with the Orb of Machana which also enhances his powers briefly, Genie quickly sends the Al Muddy Sultan back into the earth along with the rest of the foes.

Night of the Living Mud[]

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