Al Muddy Sultan
Al Muddy Sultan



Al Muddy Hideout


Sultan of Al Muddy


Al Muddy


Aladdin. Abu, Carpet, Genie, Jasmine, Iago

Voiced by

Michael Bell, Frank Welker


Mudder's Day
Sneeze the Day



He is cruel and arrogant though holds some level of sophistication and considers himself an artisan. Unlike most of his people, he was intelligent and clever. He was fond of cooking.


His giant size made him a difficult opponent to confront coupled with his intelligence. He could speak. His weakness is the hot sun.


Mudder's Day

The Al Muddy Sultan made only one appearance. He and his followers had set an oasis trap that would lure in unsuspecting visitors and lead them to the world of the Al Muddy, where they could capture, kill and eat them. Aladdin and his friends ended up stumbling upon it while Aladdin was leading a caravan and they were all sent into the Al Muddy World to be eaten, with the exception of Razoul and the Royal guards. Aladdin goes to a giant caste that belongs to the Sultan and bothers him during his mud bath demanding to be released, but the Sultan captures them and decides to use them as ingredients for his soup. Aladdin tricks him into letting him go to the surface to allow people to understand the genius of his cooking and bring back a spice for the soup so he can grab Carpet and come back to save his friends. The Sultan, angered chases after them out of the Al Muddy World into the hot sun, only to realize he is being dried and burned alive.

Sneeze the Day

Due to Genie's magical illness, Genie accidentally conjures a feral version of the Al Muddy Sultan, along with Fashoom from The Prophet Motive and Mechanicles' giant mechanical horn beetle from Getting the Bugs Out but Aladdin manages to cure Genie, allowing Genie to make them disappear.

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