Prince Ali Ababwa
Prince Abubu (Jafar)
Street Rat
Boy (Genie)








Prince of Agrabah

Voiced by

Scott Weinger (speaking)
Brad Kane (singing)
Eli Marienthal (10 year-old, House of Mouse)


The Return of Jafar
Aladdin: The Series
Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Aladdin, also known as Prince Ali Ababwa, is the main protagonist of the Aladdin franchise. He is a former "street rat" of Agrabah who is married to its princess, Jasmine.
Aladdin Street Rat

Aladdin in the rags he wears as a street rat.

Physical Appearance


Aladdin in his "Prince Ali" clothing.

Aladdin is 18 years old. He has a medium sized build, slightly taller than Jasmine, and has a darker skin tone than her. His street rat getup consists of a red fez, a purple vest with no shirt, and traditional baggy pants with a yellow patch. He is also barefoot. His "Prince Ali" outfit consists of a white suit with gold trims and a cape, along with gold boots and belt, and a turban that slightly resembles the Sultan's, with the feather on Aladdin's turban being a purple color in contrast to the Sultan's light blue plume. Despite his usually ragged appearance Aladdin is extremely good-looking, and frequently attracts the attention of the ladies he meets during his daily adventures as a street rat.


Aladdin is a loyal, yet mischievous and tricky character, who often uses his agility and brain to get out of trouble, unlike most other Disney heroes. Aladdin is described to be kind-hearted, and also sweet to his friends. He doesn't like to see his friends in danger. He often feels too nervous to talk to Jasmine when he's in his Prince Ali getup, fearing that she might find out his secret; or worse, treat him as the worthless street rat everyone else sees him as. Aladdin gets embarrassed about his feelings for Jasmine in front of Genie, but will never hide the fact that he loves her deeply. Aladdin is shown to be happy while he is with Genie, Abu, or Jasmine. Aladdin is also over-protective of Abu when he is put into dangerous situations, since his monkey companion likes to get into more trouble than Aladdin himself. Aladdin doesn't like to see Abu steal stuff from other people. Aladdin usually blames Iago if items from the Palace are missing.



Alladin with Jasmine

Aladdin was born the son of Cassim (the king of thieves) and an unnamed woman. He was an orphan brought up on the streets of Agrabah and forced to live the lifestyle of a thief, also known as a "street rat". Aladdin became infamous for his petty crimes and became one of the most wanted criminals by the city guard, especially the captain Razoul. He has been caught in the act many times but has always managed to get away through skill, some quick thinking, and outright luck. Somewhere along the way Aladdin befriended a circus monkey named Abu. It is unclear whether Aladdin or some other unknown character named him but nonetheless the two became partners in crime as well as best friends. Aladdin first appears in the film trying to get away from guards with a loaf of bread that he stole. He succeeds in getting away from the guards momentarily while dressed up as a woman. The guards catch him, but Abu saves him just in time. Aladdin sings "One Jump Ahead" to the guards while he tries to get away from them, pulling many hilarious stunts and tricks to evade authorities. He and Abu are victorious yet again from getting away from the guards, and take a rest to eat the loaf of bread they stole. Before he can eat, though, Aladdin sees two starving kids digging in the trash for food, and out of the kindness of his heart, he gives his piece of bread to them. Abu, though hesitant and rather stingy, gives his piece of bread to the kids as well. Seconds later, Aladdin sees a prince on a horse heading to the palace, who happens to be Prince Achmed. The homeless children from before run up to Prince Achmed in awe, but he is quickly angered by them and nearly whips them. Luckily, Aladdin saves them right before the act could be committed, and tells Achmed that he should have some manners. The prince throws him into the mud, earning many laughs from the crowd around them. Before Prince Achmed could finally make his way in the palace, Aladdin insults him, saying that "it's not everyday you see a horse with two rear ends". This causes Achmed to stop momentarily, the insult obviously getting to him (as well as his horse). Prince Achmed insults him back by telling Aladdin that he is nothing more but a street rat and he will die as one, and that the only people who will mourn his death will be his supposed fleas. This response angers Aladdin very much, and before he could get his hands on the prince, the palace gates close. Aladdin tells Abu that he isn't worthless, and that he doesn't have fleas, but when he realizes that there's nothing he can do about it, he finally calms down to a rather depressed mood, and the two begin their way home. It is in this scene where the "One Jump Ahead" reprise begins, Aladdin prominently upset with the fact that his social status clouds his value in society. Once home (a shabby place with broken planks and torn up curtains), he looks at the view of the palace, a yearning gleam in his eyes. Aladdin tells a sleeping Abu that someday they'll be rich, and live in the palace with no more problems.

The next day Aladdin and Abu pull off a scam to get a watermelon for breakfast. Aladdin is surprised while eating half a watermelon when he sees a beautiful girl walking in the market (Princess Jasmine). She had handed a child an apple without paying and the cart owner was about to cut off her hand when he springs into action. After a clever ruse of making the shop owner think she was his crazy sister they run away to safety. Later that night at his home, Aladdin and Jasmine shared their common goal for freedom, each in their own way. It was then that the city guard appeared and, despite their attempts at escaping, they were captured. Jasmine revealed herself as the princess in order to save Aladdin but Razoul claimed he had higher orders and told her to take it up with Jafar. Aladdin was taken to the dungeon where he awaited execution, but is later removed from his chains by a grumpy Abu. He then meets an old man (Jafar in disguise) who claimed he could set him free in exchange for a favor. All he would have to do is retrieve a lamp from the Cave of Wonders, a cavern supposedly filled with the greatest treasure in the world. In reality, Jafar needed him to retrieve the magic lamp for him because only a "diamond in the rough" could enter the cave. He reveals a secret exit, and Aladdin escapes with him and follows him in to the desert.

There, the Cave of Wonders commands him to only retrieve the lamp and not to touch anything else, or else consequences will be made. He enters the Cave of Wonders, where he meets a sentient magic carpet who agrees to help him find the lamp. He eventually retrieves the lamp, but Abu accidentally touches a ruby, causing a chain reaction of disastrous events that nearly kill Aladdin and Abu. They nearly escape the cave, but once it is revealed that the old man's reward to Aladdin was death, Abu swoops in to save his best friend from a morbid fate. Unfortunately, the two are thrown down into the abyss of the now deteriorating Cave of Wonders, and are trapped there with no way of escaping. Aladdin, unconscious for a few seconds, awakens to discover this, and feels enraged that he had been tricked. He then sighs as he realizes that the old man got what he wanted, but Abu surprises him with the lamp behind his back. Aladdin praises Abu for his thieving skills, and takes the lamp to inspect it and its worth. Discovering some text hidden by dust, he rubs the lamp, causing a giant, blue Genie appears. After a few comedic stunts and impressions, the Genie tells Aladdin he will fulfill three wishes (as well as telling him the wishes he is not allowed to make). Aladdin, who doesn't want to waste a wish, cleverly convinces Genie to get them out of the cave without actually wishing for it. After their escape, Aladdin gets to know Genie more and after asking what he would wish for, he learns of Genie's desire for freedom. He is essentially a slave and Aladdin promises to free him with his third wish. After the deal is made, Aladdin expresses his wish to make Jasmine fall in love with him. Genie is unable to do that and asks why he can't do it by being himself. Aladdin tells him she's a princess and that he would need to be a prince. Aladdin, struck with inspiration, makes his first wish; to become a prince. Genie works his magic and Aladdin becomes Prince Ali.

Meanwhile Jafar decides to trick the Sultan into arranging a marriage between himself and Jasmine, and then kill both the princess and her father. His plans are interrupted when Aladdin parades into the Sultan's palace as "Prince Ali". Jasmine rejects Ali, considering him a buffoon like all the other suitors before him, but Aladdin is determined to get Jasmine's attention. That night, Aladdin meets Jasmine on her balcony, and takes her around the world on a magic carpet ride. It is until the end of their romantic journey does she realize that he is the boy from the marketplace, and she begins to question why he had lied to her. In an attempt to keep his true self hidden, Aladdin fabricates a story that he sometimes dresses as a commoner to escape palace life, which Jasmine understands and forgives him. Aladdin returns her home and they share a loving kiss.

After delivering Jasmine, Aladdin is captured by Jafar and thrown into the ocean, but the Genie rescues Aladdin as his second wish. Aladdin returns to the palace, revealing Jafar's plot to Jasmine and the Sultan. Jafar, however, notices the lamp in Aladdin's possession, realizes Aladdin's identity, and escapes from the Sultan's bodyguards. Impressed by Aladdin's bravery, the Sultan decides Aladdin should be his successor. Aladdin faces a moral dilemma and decides he has to wait before wishing Genie free, driving a wedge between the two. Iago, on Jafar's orders, steals Genie's lamp and brings it to Jafar, who becomes Genie's new master and uses his first wish to become sultan. When Jasmine and the Sultan refuse to bow to him, Jafar uses his second wish to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world, using his new powers to send Aladdin to "the ends of the earth".

Aladdin uses the magic carpet to return to Agrabah, where Jafar has imprisoned both Jasmine and the Sultan as his slaves. Jasmine distracts Jafar as Aladdin attempts to steal back the lamp, but the Jafar notices and attacks him. Jafar turns into a cobra and begins squeezing the life out of Aladdin, boasting that he is "the most powerful being on Earth". This phrase strikes a clever plan in Aladdin, and he daringly tells Jafar that the only being more powerful than him is Genie. Faced with this realization, Jafar uses his final wish to become an 'all-powerful genie,' but is then surprised when Aladdin reminds him that genies are not free entities as he is sucked into his new black lamp, dragging Iago with him. Genie flicks the lamp to the Cave of Wonders, never to be seen again.

When faced with remaining a prince and his promise to Genie, Aladdin decides that while he does love Jasmine, he doesn't feel he can be someone he isn't any longer, and instead wishes for Genie's freedom, much to Genie's surprise and happiness. Since Jasmine loves Aladdin, the Sultan changes the law so they can marry. Genie leaves to explore the world while Aladdin and Jasmine celebrate their engagement.

The Return of Jafar

Aladdin is seen with Jasmine talking to the sultan about their wedding. They cannot get marry yet. Aladdin brings a ton of jewelry back to the townspeople. During a walk with Abu in the city, they encounter Iago. Aladdin doesn't think Iago changed his ways, and his still doesn't trust the parrot. Aladdin leaves, and is attacked by Abis Mal. Aladdin then thanks Iago for saving him, convinces the sultan to let Iago stay with them. Genie returns from his vacation, and Aladdin explains about Iago to Genie. Iago lies to Jasmine about Aladdin saying he hide a villain in the palace. Aladdin is commanded by the sultan to watch over the parrot. Jafar returns and wants revenge on Aladdin. So Aladdin is frame for murder by thinking he kill the sultan. Aladdin is almost sentence to death, but his friends believe he is innocent. Aladdin is saved by Iago, and they all battle Jafar. The city is saved, and Aladdin accepts Iago as a friend.

Aladdin: The Animated Series

The series was created for Disney afternoon. The show aired from the year of 1994 to 1995. The show is based off from the first film. The show took place where the second film left off. Aladdin is the main character again in the show, just like in the films. He lives with Jasmine, and has adventures with his friends. Aladdin goes with Iago to find treasure, and meets new enemies. Aladdin spends most of his time battling monsters. He tries to be the laid back hero, and tries to keep his home save from danger. He coincides that he can get his friends out of danger, and that he is the best. (although this is all is true), and he can be self-absorbed at times. A good example is in the episode "getting the bugs out" where Aladdin took all the credit for Genie and carpet's work for battling the robotic bugs. Aladdin does have a flashback of his childhood friend Amal, while he meets a street rat name Razel. Another flashback episode shows how Aladdin and Abu first met.

Aladdin and T​he King of Thieves

Aladdin is getting married to Jasmine. But he is depress on how he never knew his father. Aladdin explains to Genie how he never knew his father, or how to raise a family. Genie gives him advice, and they head off to the wedding. At the wedding he and Jasmine are about to kiss, until the king of thieves come in with an elephant stampede to ruin the wedding. Aladdin's friends fights the thieves, and the thieves retreat. Aladdin finds out that he was fighting the king of thieves, and shows to his friends what they were after. Aladdin finds out that the king of thieves is his long lost biological father. Aladdin shock by the news tries to figure why his father abandon him as a child. So he along with Iago, Abu, and carpet set off to find the forty thieves. They find the forty thieves, and Aladdin reveals himself to his father. Aladdin is then put to the test for his skills to be proven by his father. Aladdin battles Sa'Luk, and lives from the battle. Aladdin joins the group, but doesn't care about it. Aladdin asks his father why he abandon him, and his father tells him that he wanted to share his mother's life. Aladdin introduces Genie to his father, and shows the palace to his father. Aladdin then breaks Iago and Cassim out of jail. Aladdin is asked to leave his home, but doesn't accept the offer. He then goes back to Agrabah, and is faced with the consequences.Aladdin knew what he had to do, and is forgiven by the sultan. Aladdin is still mad about his father's ways of a thief. Aladdin then decides to return to his father's aid, and he free Cassim from Sa'Luk. Aladdin decides not to be stubborn like his father, so he follows the forty thieves to the location of the hand of Midas. Aladdin is reunited with his father, and they hurry inside to get the hand of Midas. Aladdin gets the hand of Midas, and tosses it to Cassim. Sa'Luk threatens to kill Aladdin, but Sa'Luk is turn to gold by the hand of Midas. Aladdin ties the hand of Midas in bandages then he hurries outside with his father. Aladdin sees that Cassim's real treasure is him, and Cassim throw the hand of Midas in the ocean.Aladdin and everyone return to the palace, and everyone is happy for the wedding. Aladdin and Jasmine finally get marry, then they see Cassim with Iago depart for a new adventure. Aladdin with Jasmine wave goodbye, and leave for their honeymoon.

Once Upon a Time

in the S4 Episode The Aparintice, Along with Lady and Tramp (in Human Forms) Eating Spaghetti, Alladin appears.

Alladin (2019)

his 2nd live action apperance is in the remake of the movie.

Other appearances

Hercules and the Arabian Night

In this crossover of both the Hercules TV series and the Aladdin TV series, Aladdin and his friends appear in one episode to help Hercules defeat Jafar and Hades. At first, he and Hercules fight against each other, but then become friends. They decide to find Abu and Icarus, who are capture by Jafar and Hades. Aladdin and Hercules defeat Jafar, and Hades retreats from them. Aladdin is happy to be reunited with Abu. Aladdin tells Hercules that he will be a great hero someday, and suggest Hercules to visit him in Agrabah.

House of Mouse

Aladdin appears as a guest in this animated series. He sits with his wife and friends. He helps Mickey defeat Jafar, and steals Jafar's loaf of bread. Aladdin appears in some episodes with speaking lines to Mickey.


  • According to animators, they borrowed multiple physical elements from Tom Cruise to incorporate into Aladdin such as Cruise's eyebrows to show Aladdin's emotions.
  • According to the animators, they used reference from MC Hammer's pants to recreate the movement and wrinkles of Aladdin's own pants.
  • Aladdin's appearance was changed right before the release of the movie, although the only difference made was that Aladdin became a lot more "meatier" than his previous appearance, which was lanky arms and a skinny frame.
  • Aladdin's voice actor is Scott Weinger, who later became known for his role as Steve Hale on the hit TV show, Full House.
  • Scott Weinger has done Aladdin's voice in every Aladdin project to date in which the character appeared.
  • Scott Weinger's character Steve Hale from Full House is similar to Aladdin in the sense that they both steal people's food to eat it.
  • An inside joke on two episodes of Full House is that Scott Weinger dresses up as Aladdin when the Tanner and Katsopolis families visit Disney World.
  • Aladdin also appears in the Hercules TV series in one episode called Hercules and the Arabian Knight.
  • Brad Kane, who did Aladdin's singing voice, was also considered the speaking role of Aladdin before it was given to Weinger.
  • There was a song cut from the movie titled 'Proud of Your Boy', a ballad that Aladdin sings to his mother, who was still present in the film's early stages of production. For unknown reasons, the mother figure was cut from the script, and with her removal, Proud of Your Boy was eventually deleted too.
    • The song can still be heard in the broadway production of Aladdin, although the mom is still absent, and is said to be dead during the course of the play.
    • Unlike the movie, Aladdin's motives for becoming a prince are a mix of both impressing Princess Jasmine and making his dead mother proud (hence the song's title).
  • Aladdin is the first Disney movie where the speaking voice actors did not provide the singing in their roles.
  • Aladdin appears in all episodes except Rain of Terror. Both him and Jasmine don't appear in that episode together either.
  • Aladdin is the second Disney prince to have his speaking voice and singing voice done by two different people. The first being Prince Charming and the third being Li Shang.


  • "Do you trust me?"
  • "Someday, Abu, things are gonna change. We'll be rich, live in a palace, and never have any problems at all."
  • "Jasmine, I do love you, but I've got to stop pretending to be something I'm not."
  • "You're only in trouble if you get caught"
  • "Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat."
  • "Let's not be too hasty."
  • "All this for a loaf of bread?"
  • "I wish for the Nile."
  • "Call me Al."
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