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Aladdin's Hovel was the humble home of Aladdin, Abu and his parents before he was orphaned. Since marrying Jasmine, he has since moved to the Sultan's Palace, presumably leaving the hovel abandoned.


The hovel is a simple one room home made of stone located atop a high building near the borders of Agrabah. Its interior is filled with ragged pillows, carpets and broken wood which Aladdin uses as furniture, curtains and doors. Under one of the floor's tiles Aladdin kept a dagger which belonged to his father and was the only keepsake he had left of his parents.

Despite its less than humble appearance, the hovel's high altitude gives it one of the most stunning views in the city that shows the full size of the Sultan's Palace, which Aladdin stared at every day.




Aladdin took Jasmine here to show her the hovel's magnificent view.

The Return of Jafar[]

Aladdin, Abu and Carpet had been staying at the Palace since his engagement to Jasmine, but after Genie's return, the battle with Jafar, befriending Iago and the Sultan offering to make Aladdin a vizier, Aladdin realizes that he still has much left to learn and experience, to which Jasmine agrees, and both decide to explore the world and learn together before settling down. From there Aladdin decides to move back to his hovel until he and Jasmine feel they have seen all there is to see and learn all they can about being rulers.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Aladdin is still living in his hovel but now with not just Abu and Carpet, but Genie and Iago as well, with Iago often wanting to make more money to improve their quality of life and Genie often using his magic to make Aladdin's hovel feel more like a bachelor pad. Despite this, Aladdin will occasionally stay at the Palace in his own quarters with his friends when the need arises or when wanting to stay near Jasmine. However in keeping with his promise, he and Jasmine and their friends hardly spend much time at their homes and are instead off traveling for either diplomatic reasons, to establish trade routes, deal with potential threats to Agrabah or for the thrill of seeing the world.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves[]

After Aladdin and Jasmine finally get married, they moved into the Palace.


What became of Aladdin's hovel after he married Jasmine remains unknown, but the hovel was presumably abandoned, sold or given away.


Concept Art[]


  • The hovel was originally going to also be the home of Aladdin's mother who was removed in the final version of the film. When she was still a character, the hovel also included a loom which she would've used.
  • During the earlier stages of the film, the hovel was originally going to be a very small house in an alley while the hovel seen in the film would've actually been Aladdin's "lookout" where he goes to see the Palace which also went through different designs, such as being an abandoned tower.