Aladdin's Mother
Aladdin Mother





Aladdin's mother


Aladdin, Abu



She seemed to have black hair and was mildly obese.


From the deleted scenes, she seemed to be a kind, honest woman who wanted Aladdin to live honestly and reprimanded him whenever he stole or lied. Despite this, she still loved and supported him the best way she could.


She is only mentioned in the third film, where Aladdin says he lost her at a young age. Cassim mentions how he left the family to earn money for them but then heard that both she and Aladdin were dead, which is why he stayed with the forty thieves.

She was originally going to be aprt of the original film where she disapproved of Aladdin's stealing and wanted them to earn money honestly. Later, when she made a rug, Aladdin offered to sell it and she reluctantly agreed under the condition that he be careful. He unfortunately lost the rug to a swindler, forcing her to sell off her engagement ring. Aladdin decided from then on to live honestly. When he came back from the Cave of Wonders, she was happy he brought a Genie who could support them but upset he was lying about being a prince to impress the princess. Near the end of the film, when he revealed his deception to the princess, she hugged him, happy he was finally being honest.


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