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Aladdin: One True Love
One True Love (Cover)
Publication date January 3, 2011
Published by Disney Book Group
Publication Order
Preceded by
Jasmine: The Missing Coin
Followed by
The Jewel Orchard

Aladdin: One True Love is an illustrated e-storybook based on the characters from Aladdin.


Aladdin and Jasmine are happily married, and the Genie has returned from a trip around the world! But the Genie has been feeling blue. All his traveling has made him lonely, and he wishes he could find another genie to share his life with. So when Aladdin runs to catch a kangaroo the Genie brought back from Australia, Jasmine recounts the story of how she found her one true love: Aladdin! Will Jasmine be able to cheer up the Genie and help him find his one true love?



  • This book ignores the events of all other Aladdin media, films and books, as here Aladdin and Jasmine are already married when Genie returns from his trip around the world.
    • The book is even inconsistent with the first film, as when Jasmine mentions all her previous suitors, she makes no mention of Prince Achmed.
  • Genie's desperation to find a genie girlfriend loosely mirrors the plot of the Aladdin (TV series) episode "Some Enchanted Genie", however there he tried to impress Eden by being himself, here he hopes to impress a genie lady by not being himself, wanting to pose as a handsome banker, a surfer dude and a pompous golfer, and so needed Aladdin and Jasmine to tell him to be himself.