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Amuk Moonrah was an ancient and powerful demon of pure evil who once ruled over Agrabah thousands of years ago.


He is a large 20 foot tall demon lion with red fur yellow eyes grey wings of a eagle instead of bat-like wings, and has hind legs and tail. He wears a purple loincloth.


He is a cruel leader who is unreasonable and enjoys causing others misery. He is selfish and demands sacrifices simply for the joy of taking things from people, and is sadistic as he took a boy's teddy bear just to make him cry and chained up the princess.



Thousands of years ago, Amuk Moonrah ruled Agrabah with an iron fist but was sealed away for his wickedness.

Hero with a Thousand Feathers[]

Fasir warns Iago about Amuk and that he alone can defeat him. Iago doesn’t believe in prophecies but panics and tries to escape Agrabah. Aladdn takes him and the others to a cave that they were trying to discover, but Iago says it is too dark and lights a torch, accidentally awakening Amuk Moonrah, a fire demon whose fire was burned up long ago. Amuk is too much for them but is vanquished temporarily by the sunlight. Iago lies and says Genie unleashed Amuk because of the prescence of his magic and Genie decides to stand up to him. Jasmine temporarily surrenders the city of Agrabah to him and he cruelly demands offerings and puts everyone to work, enslaving them. He promises to return the next night and demands fireworks. Aladdin devises a plan to fill his statue with fireworks and set it off, driving Amuk away. When he returns at night, Jasmine takes him to the statue and takes cover as Aladidn lights the fuse, but the smoke and fire only make him larger. Iago had run away to escape his fate but his frightening conscience forces him back and he manages to stop Amuk by thowing a medallion Fasir had given him into Amuk's mouth, causing him to implode, but everyone mistakenly believes Genie was the one who defeated him. Annoyed Iago leaves hangs his head high, but proud and very happy that he did something heroic for a change.

Poor Iago[]

Aladdin was revealed to had kept a chalice from Amuk's temple which Iago later tried to give away during his charitable delirium.


  • His backstory and physical appearance bears some similarity to Ben Baba Abad, as both were evil entities who conquered Agrabah at different points in the past.
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