Disney Aladdin intertitle

Arabian Nights is the opening song of the animated movie Aladdin, with music by Alan Menken and the lyrics by Howard Ashman. The song is sung by the late Bruce Adler as the Peddler, who is heading to Agrabah to show off his merchandise. 

Several reprises were written for this song, where the Peddler would be commenting on the plot. None of these made the final cut. The final reprise, however, was added into the film Aladdin and the King of Thieves as the ending song.


Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place
Where the caravan camels roam
Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense. (Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face)
It's barbaric, but hey, it's home
When the wind's from the east
And the sun's from the west
And the sand in the glass is right
Come on down
Stop on by
Hop a carpet and fly
To another Arabian night

Arabian Nights like Arabian days
More often than not
Are hotter than hot
In a lot of good ways

Arabian Nights 'neath Arabian moons
A fool off his guard
Could fall and fall hard
Out there on the dunes

The Return of Jafar and TV series version

Follow me to a place where incredible feats are routine every hour or so
Where enchantment runs rampant
Yes wild in the streets
Open Sesame, here we go!

Arabian Nights
Like Arabian Days
They tease and excite
Take off and take flight
They shock and amaze

Arabian Nights
Like Arabian Days
More often than not
Are hotter than hot
In a lot of good ways

Pack your shield, Pack your sword
You won't ever get bored
Though get beaten or gored, you might
Come on down
Stop on by
Hop a carpet and fly
To another Arabian Night
Arabian Night!

Deleted Reprises

Initially a longer composition, Howard Ashman and Alan Menken 1990 score treatment incorporated several reprises sung by The Genie of the Ring, who served as the story's narrator in the original treatment The first reprise introduces The Wicked Wazir (later to be named Jafar) as the story's main antagonist. The second is sung as Wazir takes Aladdin to The Cave of Wonders posing as his uncle. The third plays as someone - presumably Aladdin - is locked in the dungeon, awaiting death. For the fourth and final reprise, The Genie of the Ring bids the audience farewell; this reprise was sung by The Peddler at the end of King of Thieves.

Reprise #1

In the palace, right here, lived a wicked vizier; the

advisor to Sultan Hamed. And this part-time magician, this amateur seer, wished his boss, the good sultan, dead. He was charming and slick, but unspeakably sick, this despicable parasite. What a villain, boo hiss! Further proof, dears, that this is another Arabian night...

Reprise 2

A contemptible skunk was this counterfeit "Unc". But

Aladdin he led, alas, on a journey insane through forbidden terrain to a desolate mountain pass. And the trip that they had was so bad for our lad that he gradually got uptight... and suspected - guess what? This was possibly not just another Arabian night...

Reprise 3

What a room, what a stink. This is doom, don't you think?

As the hours of the night crawl past. You've got rats in your cell, but you'll live with the smell, till the dawn, when you'll breathe your last. Every tick of the clock says get set for the block and the shock of your awful plight. You should sleep, but you don't, 'cause you know that you won't see another Arabian night.

Reprise 4

So, it goes, short and sweet. Now they live down the

street, doing just what they all do best. Happy end to the tale, and tomorrow's a sale. So I'd better go home and rest. Here's a kiss and a hug. Sure you don't need a rug? I assure you the price is right. Well, salaam, worthy friend. Come back soon, that's the end, 'till another Arabian night!