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The Arachnid, (also known as The Spider), is a giant arachnid spider with a monsterious appetite and a minor antagonist Boss figure character first appears in 2000s Disney's Aladdin Nasira's Revenge videogame. He appear as a huge black and yellow spider monster with a yellow skull on his hindquarters. He is huge, giant and guards The Golden Scarab Beetle Key, which that leads to the desert and the entrance of The Cave of Wonders, and the way out of The Oasis where he rules in here, that is outside The City of Agrabah. The Arachnid was seen in credits after the battle with Jafar.

Aladdin Nasira's Revenge[]

Aladdin battles The Arachnid where he guards The Golden Scarab Beetle Key, during the battle The Arachnid Spider will attack him only he land in his webs and Aladdin has to dodges his webs, Aladdin defeats The Arachnid Spider and collects the two pieces of The Golden Scarab Beetle Key that The Arachnid Spider guards this key before on his way over to the desert at night to find The Cave of Wonders. 


Physical Appearance[]

The Arachnid is a giant black and yellow spider with yellow dots all overs his eight legs, and a yellow skull on his hindquarters but in the boss he wears a yellow scarab beetle on his hindquarters instead a skull,he throws web at Aladdin unless if he stands still and has three yellow and red eyes he only attack when Aladdin lands on his web.



In the loading screen The Arachnid has six legs before the fight start and he has scarab on hindquarters instead the skull at the start.


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