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Ayam Aghoul, also known as the "Duke of the Undead", is an undead sorcerer and, a frequent nemesis of Aladdin and his friends. Aghoul is from the netherworld and often escapes to attempt revenge on Aladdin for banishing him to the realm of the dead.


He looks like a skeleton and wears a purple robe with gold and dark purple lining at the sash and lining. He wears a tall gold cylindrical crown and a cape held by a purple stone. He is extremely pale with a long head to match.


He is vain, vengeful evil and sadistic. He enjoys getting what he wants, even against other people's wills. He desires to spread his chaos everywhere simply to make others miserably and is spiteful, capable of holding a grudge as shown through his grudge with Aladdin.



Aghoul has been a force for evil in the Netherworld for centuries, however the circumstances of how he came to become a duke of the Netherworld remains uncertain, although judging from his attire, he may have been a ghoulish sorcerer who originated from somewhere in Egypt. One thing that is certain is that centuries ago, an evil tree existed in a dark land upon a dark peak that served as the gateway between the real world and the netherworld and many evil spirits used it to crossover. The ancient tree was discovered by hooded travelers who began to worship the dark forces from beyond, and so saw it as their duty to spread their influence throughout the world. So they cut the tree down and turned it into the figurehead for an evil ship which they would call the Black Viper. The group then became the Dark Sorcerers of the Black Viper and spread misery far and wide, until one day their ship was cast down with a bolt of lightning as if justice from nature, and their ship sank to the bottom of the sea where its influence would remain confined for centuries to come. Aghoul himself entered the world via the Black Viper, but any connection to the crew itself remained a mystery. What is certain is that for many years he would force countless women into marriage by using an enchanted necklace that would send them with him to the Netherworld and who would then serve him for all eternity as his personal Skeleton Army.

One day though, he became infatuated with a beautiful sorceress and tried to capture her with his necklace, however the young sorceress proved too powerful and cast a curse on the necklace that would imprison Aghoul within it. She then put the necklace inside a chest and filled it with magic spice to keep the powers of the necklace restrained and then threw the chest down an ancient well where she hoped it would never surface from again.

The Spice is Right[]

As the Netherworld Turns[]

Sea No Evil[]

The Shadow Knows[]

Powers and Abilities[]

"Oh, I'm hardly just anyone. You're talking to the duke of the undead."

Aghoul is an undead sorcerer who makes use of various evil magics and demons, as well as an army of devout skeleton minions he can summon at will which are actually his many loyal wives. He often conjures explosive skulls to throw at his enemies but has conjured other items, like a scythe. Still, Aghoul has demonstrated other dark powers, such as transforming into a literal whirlwind of destruction, conjuring skeleton servants, giving life to his own shadow, which can give life to other shadows and also make them evil, trapping others in conjured spiderwebs, summoning and controlling eels, creating a conch shell that, when blown, opens a pathway through an ocean, invulnerability and great durability to pain afforded to him by his undead status, energy-blasts, enchanting others in complete paralysis, teleportation, and levitation. He has implied he can bring about plagues, like locusts and blood worms.


  • "My name's Ayam Aghoul."
  • "Many thanks for unleashing me."
  • "Quite a harem, eh?"


  • He has several wives, all of whom are undead and whom he forced to marry by binding them to him with a necklace.
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