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Aziza frightened by Rajah.

Aziza was one of the many servants at the Sultan's Palace in charge of serving food and drinks.


A-Mazing Aladdin[]

After Jasmine and Aladdin had an argument, Jasmine requested Aziza to bring her something to drink to cool off. As Aziza prepared the drinks, she was touched by one of the Royal Guards who had been possessed by the evil sorcerer Ben Baba Abad and who then spread the "Red Evil" onto Aziza, putting her under Abad's control as well. She then made her way to Jasmine with her drink but was stopped by Rajah who sensed something evil about Aziza. Jasmine tried to stop him, but Rajah pounced on Aziza before she could get to Jasmine, but as Rajah made contact with Aziza, he too fell victim to the Red Evil and became hostile towards Jasmine. With her mission complete, the possessed Aziza ran back into the palace.