Bakhtawar is a very fat and grouchy old woman who manages a brothel in Agrabah where the Harem Girls reside.


Bakhtawar is a tall and obese woman with tan skin, black hair, a bulbous nose and prominent bags under her eyes. Her attire is mostly just a grayish-purple dress with an apron and gold earrings.


She is a temperamental and hot-tempered old woman who detests street rats on her property or flirting with her girls without paying, showing no mercy even to the likes of Aladdin by smacking him with her broom.



Aladdin getting a broom to the head from Bakhtawar.

Her first encounter with Aladdin is unknown, but like most in the bazaar she seems to be familiar enough with his thieving and flirtatious antics, being aware that he had no parents to raise him right. When Aladdin was 16, he met the little monkey Abu and caught him outside Bakhtawar's window, which angered the old battleaxe who then forced the two off her property with her trusty broom.


Aladdin in Bakhtawar's business.

As Aladdin fled from the Royal Guards while keeping One Jump Ahead of them, he ended up landing in Bakhtawar's brothel where the Harem Girls then sang and commented about how Aladdin had "hit rock bottom". One of the girls then shoved Aladdin into the disgruntled Bakhtawar who then tried to hit the young thief on the head with her broom, who managed to avoid her swing, but was regardless removed from the building by one of her girls.

Aladdin: The Series

Seems Like Old Crimes

When Aladdin told Jasmine and the rest of how he met Abu, he recounts how Bakhtawar smacked them with her broom.


  • Her name is of Arabic origin and means "someone lucky".
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