Bakhtawar is a minor character from Aladdin. She is a very fat woman who lives in Agrabah.  She is in charge of the harem Aladdin swings into in the song, One Jump Ahead.  When one of the harem girls push Aladdin into Bakhtawar, she tries to hit the young thief on the head with her broom.  She also appears in the episode from the animated series called "Seems Like Old Crimes when Aladdin" is chasing down Abu, who has stolen his money. In this scene she also swings her broom at Aladdin, repeatedly hitting him over the head in attempts to chase him away from her home. Since this episode takes place before the events of the movie, it seems that Aladdin has encountered her on many other occassions as well.

Bakhtawar swings at Aladdin

Aladdin getting a broom to the head from Bakhtawar

Aladdin and Bakhtawar in One Jump Ahead

Aladdin in Bakhtawar's harem