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The Old Man

Beggar Jafar was a disguise adopted by Jafar who serves as a supporting antagonist from Aladdin. After ordering the guards to arrest Aladdin, having deduced from the Sultan's ring that Aladdin was the "Diamond in the Rough" required for accessing the Cave of Wonders to gain access to the Genie of the Lamp, he disguised himself as an old beggar and recruited Aladdin with the promise of a reward should he manage to retrieve the lamp for him, also showing him a secret path out of the cave. He managed to retrieve the lamp, but Abu bit him in the arm as well as stole it back after he attempted to kill Aladdin afterwards.



He first appeared inside of the cell where Aladdin was imprisoned, where he offered Aladdin a chance to escape from his cell. He does, however, make it clear that he intends for Aladdin to do a job for him in return: Namely, infiltrate the Cave of Wonders and retrieve the Genie of the Lamp, promising a reward if he does so. His disguise was almost spoiled when Iago attempted to get Jafar to hurry up due to his overheating underneath his cowl. The beggar then opened a secret passageway to demonstrate the validity of his words, and then asked if they had a deal. Accepting the deal, Aladdin and the old man then proceeded to the Cave of Wonders, with Aladdin entering the cave to help the old man out, after being cleared for entry under the condition that he not touch any of the treasures other than the Lamp.

Aladdin then managed to retrieve the lamp, although he barely managed to reach the entrance due to the cave collapsing, due to Abu letting his temptation over a giant gem overwhelm him. The beggar then stated that Aladdin has to first give him the lamp before he can help him. After Aladdin does so, the beggar, after expressing joy that he had finally gained the Lamp, attempted to give Aladdin his "eternal reward" by stabbing his hand and forcing him down. However, Abu saved him by biting him in the arm. Afterwards, the Beggar then gloated the lamp was finally his and unmasked himself to reveal himself as Jafar. However, his victory was short lived when he can't find the Lamp among his belongings: Abu, when he had bit into the old man's arm, had also seized the opportunity to retrieve the Lamp.

Hercules and the Arabian Night[]

Jafar later reused this disguise as part of a plot to get Aladdin and Hercules to fight and hopefully kill each other. Specifically, he visited Hercules in Athens with the disguise on and claimed that Hercules' friend, Icarus had been kidnapped by a man named Aladdin in Agrabah. After the bait was set, Hades then arrived to congratulate Jafar on the accomplishment, and commented on the disguise. However, he also nearly ruined the disguise by removing a part of it, causing Jafar to demand that he "gimme that" before returning to his original form.