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He is Aladdin's uncle from the first issue Aladdin Marvel comic: Aladdin's quest (not to be confused with a book of the same name from the Aladdin: Six New Adventures book series). He never appears again in the comic series, leaving his vow to return unfulfilled.

Physical Appearance[]

He looks identical to Aladdin face-wise with the addition of a mustache. It seems like he is a few inches shorter than Aladdin when they appear together in the panels.

His outfit is more extravagant than Aladdin's usual wear which is his street rat clothing. He wears a medium plum turban with a matching coat, light green shirt and dark green harem pants with an orange waist band and brown curled shoes


Behan is first seen spying from a stall very near to the palace gates (where three guards are standing and talking). He has recently found out where Aladdin has been spending so much of his time: the palace and Behan thinks palace life must have made Aladdin soft.

Behan tries to go in the palace but Razoul stops him. He reveals he is Aladdin’s uncle and then he lies saying that his nephew is a traitor and that he came to warn the Sultan. Razoul lets him in.

Behan marvels at the jewels and wealth. Later, he is lounging around on a big plush with food and talking to the Sultan who is pacing and heartbroken that the ideas presented. He asks the old man about what he was expecting from ‘a boy from the gutter (whose) stolen all his life from strangers, family…anyone’.  He tells Sultan that it is not surprising that Aladdin would like to overthrow him. He suggests that Aladdin should be 'cast him back into the street where he belongs’ as punishment.

Afterwards, Aladdin returns with gang in tow and gets confronted by the Sultan. Aladdin is surprised to hear that his uncle had dropped by. Behan appears and corrects him that he is still there and claims it’s nice to see him again.

His nephew asks him what he’s being saying and Behan says it is the truth but about himself. He springs into action to escape and swings on a rope and Sultan tells the guards to capture him. Before he flees, he asks his nephew to join his rebellion to which he is declined. He bids his nephew farewell and says they shall meet with swords then and then tells Sultan that he shall repay him for the hospitality.

This is his first and last appearance and what happened is unknown, he may have decided against it or been more of a trickster character.


  • His name is a play on the words "behind your back" to signify his underhanded ways, The Aladdin series has puns as names for many such Abis Mal, Haroud Hazi Bin and Ayam Al ghoul.
  • It is unknown how he is Aladdin's uncle - if he is Cassim's brother or if he is Zena's brother.


Behan 2
Behan Yerbak

Behan Yerbak making his escape