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Abdel Rasheem Ben Bada Abad (or simply Ben Bada Abad) was an evil sorcerer who was banished from Agrabah long ago. He was the main antagonist of A-Mazing Aladdin.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a tall old man with ghostly white skin and a face described as vulture-like, with a large hooked nose, high forehead, long black hair, a curled beard, sharp red eyes and sharp jagged teeth. His attired consisted of a crimson cloak, a robe patterned after the constellations and a crimson hood with a jade gemstone embedded on it.


He is a cold, cruel and power hungry tyrant whose only desire is to spread violence and discord in the name of Chaos, seeking to conquer the world and spread conflict into every soul for the sheer pleasure of seeing all beings violently attack one another.

During his century-long imprisonment, he developed a hobby for building mazes in his underground prison in order to stave off the madness.

Powers and Abilities[]

Abad controls a special magical force which he calls the "Red Evil", a mysterious crimson mist-like substance that causes anyone that touches it to become angry and violent and obey his commands without question as if they were zombies. The more people his curse infects the more powerful he becomes. However the Red Evil has no effect on genies, but with enough people under his control his magic becomes at least strong enough to restrain a genie.



A hundred years ago using the power of the Red Evil, Abad had conquered Agrabah and turned it into a city of evil and chaos. But one day a good-natured wizard appeared to oppose him, and using a golden talisman he caused Abad's powers to work against him. The weakened Abad was then sealed away deep beneath the earth through the power of the gold talisman. However the good wizard warned that the spell would not last forever and would wear off in one-hundred years.

The events of his defeat were later chronicled in the book "The Darkest Tales of Agrabah", a copy of which would end up becoming part of Jafar's collection.

A-Mazing Aladdin[]

A hundred years later, Abad emerged once more from his earthly prison and swore to conquer Agrabah once again. Upon release, he witnessed Jasmine and Aladdin in the marketplace and witnessed the popular refer to them as royalty. He then knew that if he could control these two he could control all of Agrabah. Upon touching one of the melons in the bazaar, it became tainted with his magic which then spread to a merchant upon touching the melon who then spread it to the other merchants and then the crowd who then were overwhelmed with feelings of hostility and began attacking each other much to Aladdin and Jasmine's shock. Soon Aladdin and Jasmine would also be touched by the dark curse, but just then Genie arrived from his quick trip to China for some genuine Chinese take out. Aladdin and Jasmine requested Genie's help who then summoned a small rain cloud which poured water on all the cursed citizens, snapping them out of their violent daze. Abad could not believe his eyes at the sigh of a mighty genie before him. He knew that with a genie's power he could easily conquer not just Agrabah, but the whole world.

Despite Genie's efforts, the Royal Guards remained under Abad's control and so used them to cause turmoil in the palace. Meanwhile Aladdin went to find out more about what had caused the citizens to become violent while Genie and Abu continued to explore the marketplace. The duo were shocked to find it completely deserted upon returning. They then noticed a mysteriously new but lively cafe and made their way inside, upon entering Genie was confronted by none other than Abad who had been expecting the genie's arrival. The two then dueled with magic volts flying about. Abad then tried using the Red Evil on Genie, but amusingly surprised at Genie being immune to the power of the Red Evil. Abad then unleashed a flurry of magic bolts upon Genie and transformed his hand into a red mist which wrapped itself around Genie, before he knew it Genie had been transformed into a small toad and trapped inside a golden box. Abu then ran away in fear as Abad began attacking the little monkey but Abu managed to get away as he leaped towards the rooftops and made his way back to the palace. Upon arriving at the palace, Aladdin knew something had gone wrong when Abu did not return with Genie.

Aladdin, Jasmine, Carpet and Abu then went to explore the deserted marketplace and found the cafe. They donned disguises and entered the sinister adobe but quickly fell down a trapped door and felt into the tomb that had held Abad prisoner for 100 years. Abad then coldly welcomed the group to his "home" and told them that he held the Genie prisoner and if they want him back Aladdin and Jasmine must traverse his underground maze which he constructed during his imprisonment. If they go down the right path they shall find their genie, but if they go down the wrong path then the cursed Rajah and royal guards would kill them. Abad however gave them a third option, he reveals to Aladdin that since he freed the genie he has the power to revoke his freedom by declaring him a slave once more, so if they desire their freedom, Aladdin must make the Genie a slave again and give him to Abad. However Aladdin refuses, claiming that no one can undo the Genie's freedom. A furious Abad then threatens to put Aladdin and Jasmine under his control, but Aladdin decides to taunt Abad and mock his abilities as a leader, claiming Abad does not have the wisdom necessary to lead others. This naturally infuriates Abad who then decides to prove himself by having Aladdin take on his maze to see just how wise Aladdin is. With this, Aladdin had bought himself and his friends more time and they began exploring the maze in hopes of finding Genie.

The group finally reaches the end of the maze and finds a sinister hall full of enslaved humans bowing before a stone throne where Abad now sits and is guarded by Rajah while the Genie's box rest below his feet. Aladdin and Jasmine then call out the shifty sorcerer for his deception but he merely laughs off the notion that he would ever play fair. He then attacks the group which avoid his attacks thanks to Carpet's speed. Abad then unleashes a powerful bolt which hits the roof of the caverns causing a small quake which causes Abad to fall, Rajah to become unchained and for Genie's box to slip away. Abad grew only more furious and began firing more bolts in every direction. Aladdin then saw Genie's gold box and remembered a passage from Abad's legend and how he was defeated by a gold talisman. Aladdin then grabs the golden box and when Abad unleashes a mighty red volt Aladdin holds the box in front of him which blocks the bolt as it breaks and sends the bolt flying right back at Abad, stunning him and neutralizing his powers. With the box broken, Genie is freed once more and he unleashes a ball of blue energy on the powerless Abad which teleports him away, hopefully for good. Aladdin then asks Genie where he send Abad off to, but Genie simply said "to a place with no Zip Code". With Abad defeated, the power of the Red Evil began to fade and Rajah and the people were back to normal.


  • His backstory and physical appearance bears some similarity to Amuk Moonrah, as both were evil entities who conquered Agrabah at different points in the past.