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Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather
Author A. R. Plumb, Laureen Burger, Mark Marderosian, H. R. Russell
Publication date September 1, 1994
Published by Disney Press
Publication Order
Preceded by
A Thief in the Night
Followed by
A Small Problem

Birds of a Feather is the second book in the series The Further Adventures of Aladdin.


Aladdin is having a bad day. The Sultan is sick, and Aladdin has to take over his duties—dealing with paperwork, overseeing the palace staff, even judging a dog show! The worst part is that nobody seems to appreciate what a big job it is—especially Iago. Aladdin wishes that birdbrain could see what it's really like to rule the roost for a day. But when the Genie accidentally zaps Aladdin and Iago into each other's bodies, Aladdin gets a bird's-eye view of the whole situation...