Full name

Prince Bud of Odiferous


Junior (by Genie)








Prince of Odiferous


Aladdin, Abu, Iago, Genie, Carpet, His mother Brawnhilda, His father Prince Uncouthma, General Gouda

Voiced by

E. G. Daily


Smells Like Trouble


He has long red hair tied in a low ponytail and freckles. He is short and mildly pudgy and wears a gray outfit tied with a red sash and wears brown shoes.


He enjoys bashing and smashing and initially sees this as the main way of solving problems. This causes him to reject Aladdin as a role model in favor of Gouda who epitomizes the ideal barbarian and also prefers smashing and is strong. As a result, when the smelly lizards began attacking people, he voted for smashing the lizards over coming up with a plan. However, once he saw how effective it was to think things through, he finally idolizes Aladdin and also begins to think things through.


Uncouthma and Brawnhilda introduce Bud to Aladdin and his friends. Aladdin tries various ways to show the boy that he is just as tough as the Odiferans, but keeps failing, which makes Bud think that he is weak. After stinker-breath lizards breathe on Uncouthma, General Gouda, and some other Odiferans, Bud wants to smash the lizards, but Aladdin has another idea. He covers the cheese with peppermint to make the lizards eat them and make their breaths smell better. After doing so, Bud learns his lesson that smashing is not always the answer.



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