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Crystal of Ix
The Crystal of Ix
Vital statistics
Type Magical Object
Effects To contain any being trapped within.
Source Unknown
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The Crystal of Ix is a powerful crystal in possession of Mozenrath. It is one of the magical artifacts Mozenrath obtained after dethroning Destane and transforming him into a Mamluk. It appeared in the episode "The Secret of Dagger Rock".

The crystal can be trap any being, magical or otherwise. Whatever victim gets caught in its green beam will be pulled inside. There's two magic word to activate it. To trap the target Mozenrath says Ixtala, to release he says Ixtabor.

Mozenrath intended to use it to entrap Genie to obtain his magic. Mozenrath creates a monumental version of the crystal out of Dagger Rock itself. When Mozenrath prepares to take out Aladdin, Jasmine grabs Mozenrath's cape and positions him in front of the beam, trapping him and Xerxes inside the crystal.

The Crystal of Ix also appears in "The Hunted", in which Mozenrath hires the Mukhtar to bring Genie to him. In this episode, Mozenrath successfully captures Genie within the crystal.

Powers and Abilities[]