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Daoud Sahadi is a humble fruit merchant in Agrabah.


Daoud seems very eccentric and excitable, happily throwing his fruits about randomly in front of customers while happily advertising his goods. He is also more forgiving towards stealing than most merchants according to Aladdin.



Aladdin and Abu used to steal fruits from him a bit back when they were street rats, however according to Aladdin, Daoud never got too upset about it.


As Jasmine is exploring the marketplace of Agrabah by herself for the first time, she walks by Daoud's stand who eagerly and eccentrically offers to sale her sugar dates, figs and pistachios.

A-Mazing Aladdin[]

The now engaged Jasmine and Aladdin are wandering the marketplace when they stop at "Daoud's Foods, Fruits and Nuts" stand for some kumquats to give to Abu. Unbeknownst to the group, they were being watched by the evil sorcerer Ben Baba Abad, who placed the curse of the "Red Evil" on one of Daoud's fruits, causing him to turn hostile towards Aladdin, Abu and Jasmine. He then began to violently hurl his fruits at everyone in the marketplace who then tried to tackle him, but all this did was cause the curse to spread to others, causing more fighting and food flinging which horrified Aladdin and Jasmine. Genie then appeared and was able to shock people out of the spell by drenching them in water.