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Hooded Skeleton

The Dark Sorcerers

The Dark Sorcerers of the Black Viper were an order of evil sorcerers who served as the worshipers and caretakers of the Black Viper and made it their only goal to spread the influence of the Netherworld throughout the globe.



Centuries ago, an evil tree existed that served as the gateway between the real world and the netherworld and many evil spirits and demons used it to crossover. The ancient tree was discovered by hooded travelers who began to worship the dark forces from beyond, and so saw it as their duty to spread their influence throughout the world. So they cut the tree down and turned it into the figurehead for an evil ship which they would call the Black Viper. The group then became the Dark Sorcerers of the Black Viper and spread misery far and wide, until one day their ship was cast down with a bolt of lightning as if justice from nature, and their ship sank to the bottom of the sea where its influence would remain confined for centuries to come.

Sea No Evil[]

Centuries later, a lone corpse from the wreckage of the Black Viper had its spirit restored by ghoulish duke Ayam Aghoul who then had the skeletal sorcerer travel back to the surface and find Aladdin who would be used to salvage the wreckage of the Black Viper.