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Ding and Oopo are wizards who hundreds of years ago mastered the mystical and magical arts and learned how to become immortal. With their powers they claimed to have conquered world and ruled it for around three centuries. However they grew bored of their lifestyles, as all their opposition were no match for their invincible reality-bending powers, resulting in their lives becoming uneventful. It was then that they gave up their lifestyle as rulers and became game-obsessed wizards, traveling the globe searching for "players" to take part in dangerous games for their own amusement.



They are both carefree and enjoy a good game. While not evil, they can be malicious especially when people don't do what they want them to, even willing to resort to murder.


They can teleport and have magical powers, such as zapping and causing storms. They had enough power to


They use Genie's desire to beat Carpet in a game to enlist him and his friends in their series of games. Ding gets Genie, Jasmine and Abu while Oopo gets Aladdin Carpet and Iago. The first game is to rope the polar bear, but they consider it a tie when Aladdin does it with Genie's rope. The next game involves climbing a mountain without flying or a rope, but they all nearly die so they rebel. The wizards refuse to listen saying they will destroy Agrabah and create a game where Abu and Iago are trapped in cages and the two teams needed to save their teammate from being burned by the volcano. Both teams are not doing well and Genie tricks the wizards into saving hem. The wizards realize it is more fun to play the game themselves and forbid others from playing the games. Genie then gives them a video game and the wizards transport them away.

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