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Nasira's Revenge



(In the dark lair, a woman using a magic spell)

Nasira: Spirits of darkness, hear my call, on this fateful night, I command the powers of evil to pop the sands of time and make a vision clear. Summon Jafar from the darkest depths and bring him here!

Jafar: Nasira, my sister, I've been in this dreadful place far to long, Have you discovered what will bring back to Agrabah?

Nasira: Indeed I have, Jafar according to the ancient legend there is a spell of restoration that can bring precious life to a long dead soul. Because of the spell's power, the artifacts are necessary to cast to the far reaches of the desert, but once I obtain those artifacts you will be able to live again and the world will be ours for the taking.

Jafar: Don't get too excited, sister. Beware of Aladdin and his Infernal genie. I underestimated them more than once before the pain dearly and perished.

Nasira: Bah! Don't worry, Jafar, I have a plan that will rid us of the genie and the street rat Aladdin, once and for all!

(At the The Sultan's Palace, Jasmine is sleeping when all the sudden the one of the brainwashed palace guards walks into her room)

Jasmine: Huh? What's going on? Leave me alone.

The Sultan: Huh? what's going here? Who? What are you doing? Stop Stop I say!Leave me alone! Guards! Guards!

Nasira: Oh my, oh yes, I think I'm going enjoy my stay here.

Aladdin is Most Wanted in Agrabah[]

Genie: Al, Master Wake up! Come on, Al get up!

Aladdin: Good morning, Genie, what's with the wake call?

Genie: How could you do this to me after all I done for you? What made you do it? Weren't those wishes enough for you?

Aladdin: Genie, what are you talking about?

Genie: Come on, Al open your eyes and smell thehummus, you're a wanted man take a look at this! (Genie pulls out the wanted poster to show it to Aladdin.)

Aladdin: This is gotta some kind of mistake by royal decree of the new ruler of Agrabah, Nasira?

Genie: It's gotta to be a mistake, Al something must've gone wrong at the palace (gasps) Oh no! You don't think something happened to Princess Jasmine and the Sultan? Al you better go and find out, but be careful from the looks of this I think the palace guards might be looking for you.

Razoul: Street rat Aladdin is in somewhere this place, find him!

Genie: Oops. I guess I spoke too soon it's time to do a little magic. Oh, watch out. Hold onto your fezzes, boys, cause we're out of here!

Confronting Nasira[]

Nasira: Well, if it isn't the guest of honor. I'm so glad you can make it, Aladdin.

Aladdin: What have you done Princess Jasmine and the Sultan?

Nasira: I disposed of them now I have become a ruler of Agrabah as their services are no longer needed, and once Jafar is returned to this mortal world, you won't be either!

Genie: Uh, excuse me, but did I just hear you right or miss out something? Because Jafar I know is dead, gone, finished, sleeping with the fishes, and no longer among the living. You hear what I'm saying?

Nasira: Well, what a surprise. If it isn't the famous Genie of the Lamp. Oh, I have heard so much about you.

Genie: Really? Well, darling, I am known around this little town do my little bit of theater here or about 10,000 years ago and I'm still adored by the critics.

Nasira: I've been looking forward to this moment.

Genie: A fan. I suppose you want an autograph. Or on second thought, maybe not. It look like it's gonna hurt. Uh oh.

(Nasira used her dark magic to trap Genie somewhere where he cannot escape.)

Aladdin: Genie? Genie! what have you done to him?

Nasira: Patience, Aladdin. Your time will came soon enough. Guards, take only Aladdin down to the dungeon! I'll be a long shortly to deal with him, personally.

Rescuing Aladdin from the Dungeon[]

Iago: Okay, Abu, you need to rescue Aladdin before Nasira can get her nasty claws on him. This place is booby trapped with all kinds of trouble. So be careful.

Battle with Razoul[]

(After escaping from the dungeon, Aladdin and Carpet)

Nasira: I have you now, you rodent!

Razoul: Where do you and your friends think you're all going, street rat? No one gets through these gates without dealing with me first.

Razoul: Thanks, street rat. I can't believe that evil with has taken over the Palace. It's up to you to rescue the Princess and the Sultan!

Meeting the Mystic[]

Aladdin: You're the mystic. I was told you might be able to help us.

Mystic: Yes, yes, Aladdin, boyfriend to the princess and future sultan of Agrabah I have heard all about you. Now let's get down to more serious matters. You come to me seeking the whereabouts of your friends.

Aladdin: That's, right. Do you know where they are?

Mystic: I am only a link to the mysteries of the unknown. It is the spirits that lead us through the truth. Let's see what they can tell us. Oh, powerful and god bearing, spirits speak though me and enlighten us what Aladdin wants to see I see something a vest desert and in it a massive tiger's head there's a cave filled with treasure and wonders. Your destiny is go to there and seek a genie. Yes! A genie!

Genie: Al, I been sent back to the Cave of Wonders with a Magic Carpet! We both been imprisoned in a magic trap! Oh, did I mention I lost all my powers? Things are looking good, Al. Would be a pal and come save us, please? Thanks.

Aladdin: Genie, are... are you alright? Where are Jasmine and the Sultan? Are they with you?

Mystic: The spirits have told us what they can. The Cave of Wonders is where your destiny awaits. To find it, you will need a rare scarab made of two parts. That scarab is the key to the Cave of Wonders. Find it, and you are one step closer to finding your friends. Good luck, Aladdin. The fate of Agrabah rest in your hands.

Cave of Wonders[]

Cave of Wonders: Who disturbs my slumber?

Aladdin: It is I, Aladdin.

Cave of Wonders: Proceed. Touch nothing or you will never see the light of day.

Saving Genie and Carpet[]

Genie: Al, you found us and I thought I'll be stuck here for another 10,000 years. Al, buddy, pal, you all need to find the way to get us out of this trap. Try senting Abu to get an object that will break us free.

Aladdin rescues Jasmine[]

Jasmine: Aladdin!

Aladdin: Jasmine!

Jasmine: Aladdin, you don't have much time.

Final Battle[]

Nasira: What?! You!

Aladdin: Not so fast, Nasira! I'm not finished with you yet!

Nasira: You are too late, Aladdin! I have the magical artifacts and my brother Jafar shall be resurrected!

Aladdin: We’ll see about that.

Nasira: You are too late, street rat. In a matter of seconds, Jafar's life will be fully restored and when his powers are combined with mine, you and your entire world will bow before us!