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Dominus Tusk was a giant minotaur who traveled the world seeking to challenge the strongest warriors of all and then take control of their territories.


Tusk was a minotaur with dark skin and sharp incisors who wore Grecian armor made of metal and leather and wielded a giant battleaxe and club. He was quite tall in stature, being as tall as three men.

After increasing his power in "Armored and Dangerous", Tusk became a truly gigantic being easily towering over buildings. His teeth had all become sharp and fanged, his armor was new and black which sported a dark cape, and he replaced his battleaxe with a giant and deadly morning star club with sharper spikes.


Originally Dominus Tusk was a warrior who only sought to challenge other strong warriors, going from town to town to find the mightiest heroes that could give him a challenge and then claim their territory as his own. Anyone was free to challenge him though so long as they claimed to be a warrior. When challenged, he would give his opponent his battle axe as a weapon, and if beaten, he would willingly accept his defeat and leave in shame while also not lying about his wins or losses, showing that he had some honor as a warrior. While very prideful and boastful when it came to his victories, he was easily embarrassed and shy about admitting his failures.

After increasing his power, his personality drastically changed, as he became a bloodthirsty monster with an insatiable appetite for destruction who only sought to destroy kingdoms and kill innocents for pure pleasure rather than for battle or conquest. He also no longer enjoyed battle with warriors and heroes, seeing them more as a nuisance when compared to the joy of crushing powerless innocents, a sharp contrast to his original personality. It was clear that the source of his new power had completely changed him into a savage killing machine.


Aladdin: The Series[]

A Clockwork Hero[]

He challenges the local hero for a one on one duel which Aladdin accepts but he nor can any of his friends including Genie stop him. Wahid comes in and using Mechanicles' giant robot duplicate of himself named Junior stops him and smashes him into a wall. He tries to reclaim victory but Genie crashed into him before he could finish his sentence.

Armored and Dangerous[]

In this episode, Tusk somehow grew 10x his normal size and was terrorizing the city of Agrabah. He manage to destroy several buildings, defeat the army, and knock Jasmine out until the sultan came and defeated him using Kaleem's armor. It is presumed the sultan killed him as he hung his horns as a trophy.

While the City Snoozes[]

In this episode, Tusk appeared in cameo as Iago had a dream in which he defeats him single handed, winning respect and jewels while everyone else in the dream was scared.


  • Dominus is the Latin word for master and where the word dominate originates from.
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