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Dune Quixote
Season 2, Episode 19
Ep 25
Air date October 7, 1994
Written by Jan Strnad
Directed by Rob LaDuca
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Episode 27: Rain of Terror
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In the marketplace, Aladdin is at a stand trying on a few hats with Abu and Iago. A scream is heard above them, and Sadira falls through the stand into Aladdin's arms. Sadira is surprised and glad to have dropped in on Aladdin. Just then Farouk calls out to the two, saying that Sadira is a thief who stole from his stand. Aladdin questions Sadira, who tries to act like she had nothing to do it. Aladdin stops her as she tries to run, saying that if she shouldn't be worried if she is innocent, and that he will protect her. Farouk jumps down in front of them, and accuses Sadira of stealing a ladle. Sadira denies this, saying that she does not steal anymore, (while secretly hiding said ladle behind her back). Farouk is not convinced, but Aladdin gets him to back off and leave. Sadira thanks Aladdin for helping her out, and tries to give him a token of her gratitude in the form of a kiss. Aladdin refuses, knowing Jasmine would not approve. Sadira instead invites him to her places for a drink of pomegranate juice. When Aladdin again refuses, Sadira manipulates him, saying that Jasmine has him on a tight leash. Insisting that is not how his and Jasmine's relationship works, Aladdin takes Saidra up on her offer. Iago tries to warn Aladdin that Sadira is easily manipulating him, but he refuses to listen and joins Sadira together with Abu on his shoulder. Iago watches them as they leave.

Back at the palace, Genie, Jasmine, and Carpet are taking part in a bull fight activity when Iago arrives and spills the beans on Aladdin going to Sadira's place.

At Sadira's place, Sadira shows Aladdin a fairytale kingdom, which she calls the land of fantasies. She pours sand on Aladdin and his clothes turn into a knight outfit and he acts like a dragon slayer. Sadira then turns Abu into a horse and turns her "streetrat" outfit into a princess outfit. When the three are about to go in the land of fantasies, Jasmine, Genie, and Iago show up to stop them, but the three get in. Jasmine tells Genie to close the portal while she stops Sadira, but Genie tells her that mixing magic is dangerous.

After Aladdin, Jasmine, and Sadira get out and Genie closes the portal, Aladdin and Sadira's clothes change back to their "streetrat" outfits. Abu, however, changes from a horse to a donkey. Then, it turns out that Aladdin is still acting like a dragon slayer who wants to save a princess. He gets on Abu and the two leave Sadira's place. Genie tells Jasmine that the only way to change the two back to normal is to have Sadira kiss Aladdin. Jasmine reluctantly agrees and everyone goes looking for Aladdin and Abu.

Aladdin and Abu are at a desert and run into two thieves. One of the thieves fights Aladdin while the other one kidnaps Abu. Jasmine, Genie, Iago, Carpet, and Sadira arrive at the desert. Sadira goes to Aladdin while Jasmine goes to Abu. Sadira traps the thief fighting Aladdin. Then she is about to kiss him, but he tells her that he can only kiss the princess. Jasmine, Genie, Iago, and Sadira have an idea. Genie turns Sadira's clothes into the same princess outfit from before, Jasmine chains her, and they create a mechanical dragon. Genie accidentally throws the remote controlling the dragon and the dragon goes out of control.

Aladdin and Abu arrive and Aladdin fights the dragon. After everyone defeats the dragon, Aladdin and Sadira kiss. Aladdin turns back to normal and Abu changes back into a monkey. Aladdin sees Jasmine watching him kiss Sadira and becomes uncomfortable. Jasmine and Sadira go out shopping with Aladdin trying to catch up to them. Genie tells Iago that Aladdin will be humiliated if he finds out what just happened and the parrot flies to tell him as Genie tries to stop him.

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  • As of this episode, Sadira reforms, gives up on pursuing Aladdin for herself and becomes a friend to the group. Her next appearance and her final appearance in the series, Witch Way Did She Go?, marks the first episode where she no longer portrays the antagonist role.
  • The episode's title is a play on the character Don Quixote.
  • Strangely, one of the thieves that ambushes Aladdin and Abu in the desert is one of Abis Mal's gang members.
  • Sadira's princess dress resembles Aurora's pink dress from Sleeping Beauty.