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Eden is a bottle genie, and Genie's girlfriend.


She has green skin, pointy ears, wears red lipstick and has long black hair tied up in a ponytail and she has earrings like Dhandi. She wears golden brackets around her wrists similar to Genie's in the original film (which could signify those are the shackles that bind her to the lamp), wears a pink sleeveless cropped tube top revealing her midriff and her navel with a red sash around her waist. In Genie form she has a green tail similar to Genie's but when more human like she wears matching pink pants and yellow slippers.


Eden is a kind woman. She changed Dhandi's simple wish of wanting a sandwich to never going hungry again. This shows that unlike Genie she doesn't abide by the rules but twists them to benefit her and those she cares for. This also shows she can be tricky. She is defensive and protective of those she cares for, particularly Genie and Dhandi (Genie being her boyfriend while Dhandi being a sister/daughter figure). However, she also has a temper and will stand up to those she feels threatened by (such as Genie in her first appearance when she believed he was competing with her to be Dhandi's genie) and attacking Mozenrath's lair to rescue Genie. She can also be impulsive, as she didn't heed Aladdin's warning in confronting Mozenrath head on. She is energetic and silly like Genie, often transforming into various objects, animals, people, outfits, etc. to express her mood and show off her magic. Her motherly and affectionate personality can be seen through her interactions with Dhandi whom she sees as a daughter and her romantic fun loving side can be seen through her interactions with Genie.



Not much is known about Eden's past (other than that she had never gone out on a date before meeting Genie), but like most genies, Eden was imprisoned in a bottle and made a slave and implies that she was forced to serve evil or abusive masters which could explain why she prefers to cheat on the wishes of her master to improve or otherwise twist them to her preference. She would eventually spend the next 2,000 years trapped in her bottle until the day came when a new master freed her from her confined existence.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Some Enchanted Genie[]

She is first introduced in the episode "Some Enchanted Genie" where Dhandhi becomes her master. Genie falls in love with her at first sight and tries to impress her by granting her master free wishes. Initially taken aback by his sudden appearance and initially believing he was competing with her to see who would be Dhandi's Genie, she was less than impressed and tried to make him disappear to no avail. Their competition came to a headfirst when they began cooking pizzas for Dhandi that led to a leaning tower of pizza that toppled over. Genie then formally introduced himself and stated he was trying to ask her out. She eventually agrees to a date, impressed by his powers and flattered by his affection and the two fall in love during the date, which consists of a romantic gondola ride followed by roller skating in outer space. They nearly kiss until Eden is summoned. She goes expecting Dhandi asking for help but is horrified to find her trapped in a cage and Abis Mal her new master. When Genie finds the two, he believes she was working for Abis Mal all along and using Dhandi as a ploy. She is then forced to send Genie to the bottom of the sea by Abis Mal's wish and then grant his second wish of becoming a cosmic tough guy fifty feet tall with laser eyes. However, it is revealed that she had an escape route for Genie ready since she twisted his wish as he didn't say forever. This causes Genie to realize she does love him and he becomes empowered to stop Abis Mal. Eden advises him to pull the plug, as it turns out his power comes from some batteries she installed in his head, which Genie promptly takes out. Enraged that she tricked him twice, he asks her to kill Aladdin and Genie but since Genies can't kill he changes the wish so that she changes them into cockroaches so he can squash them. She hesitates but is about to unwillingly grant it until Dhandi takes the bottle and wishes for her not to fulfill the wish. Eden then changes Abis Mal and Haroud into cockroaches. Genie invites her to live with him which she happily agrees to and Dhandi happily concedes to free Genie but accidentally wishes they could be together forever. Eden grants the wish since Dhandi has no one else and mentions how since they have eternity to be together, they can wait to be together.

The Book of Khartoum[]

Genie prepares for his first year anniversary with Eden but ends up being kidnapped by Mozenrath on the beach. Eden goes to Aladdin to ask what is wrong since he didn't call and Iago and Abu, who were spying on his date, tell them that they saw him get kidnapped by Mozenrath. Enraged someone would hurt her man, she transforms into various forms threatening to pummel Mozenrath and heads for his lair after getting directions from Aladdin but not heeding his warning. Aladdin follows after her but tells Dhandi to stay behind. Eden manages to enter Mozenrath's lair and beat up some Mamluks before Mozenrath arrives and shows her where Genie is. She promises to be in servitude to Mozenrath if he lets genie go, but he double crosses her and uses both her and Genie's magical power to create a philosopher stone, until he is betrayed by Khartoum. Aladdin breaks the two free but the two have aged too much and lost too much magic to be of help. Genie realizes the genie embrace could potentially re-empower them and they try it. It works and the two take the philosopher stone away, defeating Khartoum while making sure to send the philosopher stone somewhere safe since it is about to blow and Genie and Eden then resume their date.

Aladdin: The Comic[]

Eden was planned to appear in a story for the comic book's run in August but it was prematurely cancelled after 11 issues. The final issue stated that the cancelled story would be carried over in Disney Comic Hits! but it never transpired there either and that comic run also ended up being cancelled. In the story, she would have had a romantic adventure with Genie while Aladdin tagged along.


  • Her name is taken from Barbara Eden, the name of the actress who played Jeannie in the 1960’s sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Unlike Genie, Eden has ten fingers instead of eight.
  • She states she has been stuck in the bottle for 2000 years.
  • Strangely, when she mentions the rules regarding wish making, while she does address not killing anyone and only having three wishes, she never mentions not being able to make people fall in love or bringing back the dead like Genie has. While Genie implies he can bring back the dead but they are turned into zombies and how it is not a pretty picture, it begs the question why Eden didn't address falling in love. This could mean she either can make people fall in love or simply didn't think Dhandi would make such a wish but this has never been addressed.
  • There is an error in her first appearance where, when she is talking to Dandhi about the day being amazing, her golden arm bands are not seen.
  • She has stated she had never been on a date before meeting Genie
  • Eden was originally going to appear in the 1994 Aladdin Comic series, but it was cancelled after only 11 issues. In the final issue, the publisher's note stated that Eden would be appearing in the Disney Comic Hits! series instead, but she never did and Aladdin was limited to only two stories in Hits! before that series was cancelled as well.
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