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Eden's Bottle
Eden's Bottle
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Eden's Bottle is the magical bottle that has contained the all-powerful genie known as Eden for 2,000 years. Being the vessel of a genie, the bottle was likely coveted by many over the centuries, but it now belongs solely to Dhandi.


"Hang on to this! If you ever need me, all you have to do is rub."

The bottle itself is made of purple-colored glass or ceramic with a circular and narrow neck with a gold top but a larger oval shape for its lower half that has a round red base with gold rims. It also sports a large purple handle and a decorative cork also made of gold but with red patterns. There are also darker colored matching patterns on the bottle's oval base matching solid sheer Arabian arches. Since Eden became Dhandi's guardian, the bottle is now kept with Dhandi at all times which she initially kept on her raft down by the river. It is unknown if Dhandi still resides there since Eden began caring for her, but she still takes the bottle with her wherever she goes.



The bottle has existed for at least 2,000 years, though how and when Eden was imprisoned in it is never revealed. What is known is that the bottle remained unopened for 2,000 years but somehow found its way into a collection of eventually discarded pottery.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Some Enchanted Genie[]

The bottle was first discovered by a young urchin named Dhandi who lived alone on a fishing raft turned into a makeshift home. She found the bottle in a bag full of old pots, bottles and urns which she somehow acquired. Upon removing the bottle's cork, the genie Eden was finally set free after 2,000 years and happily declared herself the young girl's new servant. As with Genie's Lamp, Eden gave Dhandi three wishes and Dhandi (with a little persuasion from Eden) was convinced to make her first wish to never go hungry again for the rest of her life.

However, Eden's power was soon discovered by Abis Mal and Haroud Hazi Bin. Abis Mal then stole it and wished for Eden to trap Genie in a safe and toss to the bottom of the ocean, then to transform into a giant monster with laser-firing eyes. However, Eden helped Genie escape and found a way to undo the wish, stating that he had not wished for those things forever. Finally, Abis Mal wishes for Aladdin and Genie to be turned into cockroaches, but Abu steals it before Eden can grant it and they hand it to Dhandi, who wishes for her to undo Abis Mal's wish, which turns him and Haroud into cockroaches instead.

Dhandi intended to set Eden free from her bottle, but accidentally wished they would always be together, therefore keeping Eden with Dhandi's until the end of her life to which Eden happily complied with, becoming a maternal figure to Dhandi who would continue to take care of the bottle.

The Book of Khartoum[]

Dhandi continues to hold on to the bottle dearly wherever she goes, allowing Eden to go wherever she needs to, especially for her occasional dates with Genie. As is Eden is technically no longer a slave but a willing guardian to Dhandi, the bottle most likely now serves as a home for Eden in the same way as Genie's lamp. However since her manacles did not come off when Dhandi made her third wish, Eden would appear to be bound to the lamp until the end of Dhandi's life, but it appears that she is free to go wherever she wish so long as Dhandi approves.

Aladdin: The Comic[]

Eden and her bottle were planned to appear in a story for the comic book's run but it was prematurely cancelled after 11 issues. The final issue stated that the cancelled story would be carried over in Disney Comic Hits! but it never transpired.


  • The design of Eden's bottle is a reference to the 1960s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, looking almost exactly like the bottle of the titular genie character played by Barbara Eden who Eden is named after.