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Saleen, the most notable Elemental.

Elementals are a race of shapeshifting nature beings made up entirely of a natural element or aspect of reality, such as Water, Wind/Air, Fire, Earth, Sand, Stone, Plants, Snow, Ice, or even Evil itself.


They are born from nature, as such their only allegiance is to themselves and the element they protect. Unlike demons, they are not born from an evil source and as such aren't inherently evil or chaotic unless controlled or summoned by an evil power, but they can be mischievous or lack an understanding of human morals, simply wishing to protect their element, express themselves, or simply be left alone. Although Elementals like Saleen though are more childish and juvenile, acting much like a teenage human, while other Elementals are more simple-minded and animalistic. Their powers can be destructive but can also create great beauty and natural art when used properly. They also can change their forms to resemble humans or animals.

Artificial Elementals[]

Elementals can also be artificially created via black magic, and such Elementals can be almost indistinguishable from chaotic demons like Ifrits and will usually obey the commands of their creators or summoners. A being can also become an elemental of pure emotions if consumed by them, such as evil itself by being consumed by their own dark emotions.


Genie refers to the different types of elements as "sub-classes" and each are restricted to manipulating and generating their respective element.

Water Elementals[]

Elementals made of water from the sea who can take on the form of humanoids with fish-like attributes, being known as the Mermaids and Sirens of legend, but can take on even human forms for traveling on dry land, although they dehydrate more easily. Their powers allow them to manipulate water, creating bubbles, waves or whirlpools if they so wish. They can also create enchanted water that can be formed into solid shapes like hands, pillars or barriers. They can even enchant water to be breathable for surface dwellers. Water Elementals can also communicate with sea life. As they are the legendary Sirens as well, they have the ability to lull and manipulate sailors out at sea with their singing, causing their ships to crash. The only known Water Elemental is Saleen who appeared in "Elemental, My Dear Jasmine" and "Shark Treatment".

Wind/Air Elementals[]

Elementals made of wind from the Land of the Black Sand that can take on the form of a jackal, being known as the Wind Jackals. They can summon and turn themselves into gusts, powerful whirlwinds or even hurricanes that can destroy and break apart anything, leaving nothing behind but dust. The only known Wind Elemental is Sirocco who was briefly under the control of Mozenrath in "The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath".

Fire Elementals[]

Elementals made of fire that can take on the form of cats, being known as Fire Cats. Mirage has a small army of elemental Fire Cats under her control who reside with her in her domain of Morbia. They can transform into fire and breath flames, making them very hazardous. They can even burn down an entire farmland in no time as seen in "In the Heat of the Fright".

Earth Elementals[]

Elementals made of earth that can take take the form of humanoids, being known as the Al Muddy, a race of mud-based elementals that rule the Subterranean World of the Al Muddy.

Stone Elementals[]

Elementals made of stone. Mozenrath created two artificial stone elementals in the shape of giant hands to crush his foes in "The Secret of Dagger Rock".

Sand Elementals[]

Elementals made of sand. Such elementals were the creations of the Witches of the Sand who shaped monsters from sand and gave them life through an ancient evil harnessed within a talisman. One such elemental was the Sand Monster whose spirit had long been in service to the Witches of the Sand and only knew how to "smash" things and despised doing anything else.

Snow Elementals[]

Elementals made of snow. Two artificial ones were created by Frajhid and shaped into the form of snowmen which he used to try and freeze Agrabah in the episode "Of Ice and Men". Luckily his snowman minions were thwarted by Aladdin and his friends.

Ice Elementals[]

Elementals made of ice. None are ever seen within the franchise but Aladdin mentions fighting such a creature when bragging about his exploits.

Plant Elementals[]

Elementals made of plants who have power over trees, flowers and vines. Arbutus was a powerful plant elemental who saw all plants as his artwork and children, and sought to take The Sultan's daughter Jasmine in exchange for him killing one of his flowers in the episode "Garden of Evil". The Forbidden Oasis was a giant plant elemental who rested near Agrabah until he was disturbed from his slumber by Iago and Abu in the episode "That Stinking Feeling".

Evil Elementals[]

Elementals who are the incarnation of evil itself and whose powers can spread misery, misfortune and death for the sole purpose of crushing hope, faith and goodness. The most evil and powerful is known as the Incarnation of Evil. Unlike other Elementals, this is a state that can be achieved by any being by letting themselves be completely consumed by pure evil, such as the Evil Elemental, Mirage. However it seems only one being can become the "Incarnation of Evil" at a time, as before Mirage, the previous Incarnation of Evil was a koala-like being. In the episode "When Chaos Comes Calling", Chaos itself describes the Evil Elementals as obsessive due to having a one track mind dedicated only to enforcing evil and nothing else. As Mirage is the only known Evil Elemental, it is unknown as to what sort of being she was before or if she was already another kind of Elemental before becoming an Evil Elemental. Mirage also resides within the dark realm of Morbia, but it is unknown what sort of ties this realm has to being an Evil Elemental.


Concept Art[]

Behind the Scenes[]

In an early concept for the first film, the stone pillar on which the Genie's Lamp rests would've transformed into a stone elemental in the form of lizard who then challenged Aladdin for the lamp.


  • In alchemist traditions, Elementals are usually associated with only four elements and thus only have four types, mainly Earth (Gnomes), Water (Undines), Fire (Salamanders) and Air/Wind (Sylphs). However variations of Elementals can be found in other traditions and accounts of other cultures, such as the Greek Nymphs being able to turn into water, air/wind, fire, earth, plants, clouds, snow, storms, ice or even light and nightmares, and which have appeared in the Hercules franchise. Chinese folklore also had creatures that acted as the protectors and representations of another element, the element of Metal.

See Also[]

  • Ifrits - Demons who also have elemental natures, but are far more powerful and unpredictable.