She is a white figure who wears a white dress underneath another slightly more elegant white dress with old plating around the neck and shoulder area. She also wears a golden mask.



Though extreme in her methods, she tests kingdoms to ensure they understand that what is truly important for a kingdom is that they care for the people. She is wise and when she realized Jasmine truly cared for her people resurrected her, showing she can be helpful to those she deems worthy. She is not easily impressed or amused.


She is invulnerable and capable of flight. She also wields the Cube of the Ethereal which can destroy kingdoms by emitting lightning from the face like sides of the Cube.


The Ethereal initially appeared as a golden mask at a merchant store but Jasmine sees her and hears a voice and begins to have a prophetic dream of ice falling through the sky, the Earth moving like an earthquake, light becoming dark as pitch black as the darkest night sky, creatures of destruction (like legendary giant desert scorpions) bringing forth their wrath and Agrabah in the future was destroyed. She then comes to life with a white robe and tells everyone she is there to judge their civilization and if it didn't prove itself worthy she would destroy them all. Jasmine and the sultan try to convince her while Aladdin and the others devise a plan to defeat her should Jasmine and the sultan fail. Ultimately, she deems the city unworthy and tries to destroy them using a giant cube with faces. However, when she sees Jasmine sacrifice her life to save the life of a young boy, she fixes the damage and resurrects Jasmine, saying the true worth of a civilization is its people.


  • Though she initially appears to be a supernatural entity, her hovering weapon of destruction appears to actually be a form of technology. That along with her drastic difference from other spirits and deities seen and the fact that Genie did not know who she was despite being knowledgeable of beings with some of the highest authority over reality such as Chaos, may suggest the Ethereal is of a completely different nature that is almost alien when compared to other supernatural beings seen.
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