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The Evil Sultan is a major antagonist in Nasira's Revenge. He's an evil monarch threatening to become the new ruler of Agrabah.

Physical Appearance[]

The Evil Sultan wears a black turban with two yellow feathers he wears a purple shirt, his cape, and his Mechanical Bird The Golden Phoenix.


The Evil Sultan is Nasira, and Jafar's henchmen and a cruel sultan sorcerer, a kidnapper with his mechanical bird The Golden Phoenix where he was going to his kingdom The Ancient City his kingdom to kidnap The Sultan which he was sent by Nasira Jafar's twin sister, and bring him to her. And he is also known as thoughtless, hard-working, efficient, emotionless, violent, ill-tempered, loathsome, serious, ungenerous, loquacious, testy, accountable, negative, tidy, honorable, earnest, erudite, valiant, intelligent, level-headed, sinister, uncompromising, loyal, tough, aggravating and no-nonsense.


Nasira's Revenge[]

Nasira sent The Evil Sultan to bring The Sultan at The Ancient City he kidnapped him after Aladdin frees The Sultan from the organ tubes and took him to Nasira, in the battle Aladdin and The Magic Carpet has to dodge the missiles and watch out when The Golden Phoenix turns orange and they managed defeat The Evil Sultan, and The Golden Phoenix, and rescued The Sultan from him it is presumably that The Evil Sultan is dead or alive, and grabs the last Serpent Idol before meeting Nasira as The Mystic in her disguise.


  • Despite his prominent presence in the game, his true name is never revealed.