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The Lost Ones
Season 2, Episode 58
Ep 78
Air date December 10, 1994
Written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth
Directed by Alan Zaslove
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Episode 66: The Lost Ones
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Aladdin's unconditional love for Jasmine is put to the test by Mirage when she tricks her into applying a cursed lotion that transforms her into a venomous naga-like creature. Accompanied by Genie, Abu, Iago, and Carpet, the weary couple travels through a region to search for the Tree of Renewal. With the many perils that lie ahead and Mirage watching their every move, can Aladdin and Jasmine demonstrate that love conquers all or will their quandary divide them for good?


Character Debut[]


Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • "This lotion! This woman at the marketplace gave me this lotion and look what it's done!" - Jasmine
  • "Oh, she's not dead, Aladdin. But you may prefer that fate when you see what's become of her." - Mirage
  • "Genie, I want to see myself." - Jasmine
  • "I can live a snake, but I can't live without Aladdin." - Jasmine
  • "Blast! You've come further than I thought! But of course, what was I thinking? You still love her because you have hope she will change back, but what if I should take that from you as well?" - Mirage
  • "I do love a tragic ending." - Mirage
  • "Lady, I'm taking you out! And I'm not talking dinner and a movie!" - Genie
  • "No! It must be a trick!" - Mirage
  • "I told you I'll never leave you. I love you, Jasmine." - Aladdin
  • "This can't be!!! Love is weak! WEAK!!!" - Mirage


  • It takes Jasmine about half a day to turn into a snake but for Aladdin, the transformation is instantaneous. It's possible that the amount of lotion applied affects how fast the transformation is triggered, be it gradual or on-the-spot. While Jasmine applied a handful of lotion to her face, Aladdin applied excessive drops of it to his arm.
  • Jasmine's appearance frequently changes through out her transformation.
  • The marks on Aladdin's arms disappear after his hallucination.