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Farouk is a minor character from the film Aladdin and its television adaptation.


He is a harsh businessman. He does not tolerate theft and even threatened to cut off Jasmine's hand when she took an apple to feed a hungry child, but couldn't pay for it. He is paranoid, refusing to acknowledge Aladdin even after he begins dating Jasmine and hates it when people interfere with him selling his products.



He appears briefly in the movie where Jasmine takes an apple from his stand to give to a hungry boy. He asks angrily if she has money to pay and when she says she doesn't but she knows the sultan, he attempts to cut her hand off before Aladdin intervenes. He pretends she is his mentally handicapped sister and sneakily takes an apple from his stand and gives it to him, making it seem like Aladdin is giving him a new apple in exchange for the one Jasmine took. He lets them off until he sees that Abu stole more of his apples and yells at them, but they escape hesitantly. Farouk reappears during Aladdins presentation as Prince Ali with his belly drummed by Genie before jumping up into his arms. After this he isn't seen again for the rest of the film.

Aladdin: The Series[]

Do the Rat Thing[]

Farouk can be seen in the bazaar selling melons, oranges and figs as Aladdin is forced to show Prince Wazoo around. Later on Jasmine and Iago who have been transformed into a rat and a lizard try to steal one of his fruits to survive. When he spots the two, he is quick to violently attack them with his knife but they are able to avoid him when he slips on one of his own oranges.

Much Abu About Something[]

Farouk was selling his melons in the bazaar when Abu and Iago tried stealing his fruits, angering the merchant who then pursued the two with his sword. However Abu was able to avoid him by throwing a jug over his head.

Raiders of the Lost Shark[]

The Lost Ones[]

Farouk is closing up his stall for the night when Wahid begins asking him why he's closing early (this being a ruse to steal his fruit). Farouk then tells him about the late night disappearances in Agrabah and tells him to leave him be, which he does, but not before taking one of Farouk's fruits, which angers the ill-tempered merchant.

Web of Fear[]

Aladdin saves Farouk after the big earthquake that hits Agrabah but he is ungrateful, telling him he took long enough. Later he leads an army of the villagers against the Unkbuut, only to learn they are good and claims that he knew all along they were good (an obvious lie as he refused to believe Jasmine when she said they were good, saying she was under their spell).

Dune Quixote[]

Farouk is seen chasing Sadira after she supposedly stole something of his. Sadira then runs into Aladdin begs for his help in covering for her. Farouk tries to argue against Aladdin and demand Sadira returns what's his, but unable to argue against Aladdin's defenses for Sadira, Farouk angrily marches off.

Power to the Parrot[]

Farouk gladly takes one of the jewels Iago is offering for free to everyone but Genie intervenes saying Iago is abusing his powers as a genie (which Genie lent him to prove who was the better genie) before Farouk tosses him away. He later throws rotten fruit at Iago as everything he has done has backfired.

Poor Iago[]

Farouk is seen selling water at exorbitant prices during a drought. Later when Iago began causing trouble for the local merchants due to his new "generous" persona, Farouk formed a small mob with Omar and Amail to hunt down Iago. They managed to pursue him all the way into desert where they had him cornered but gave up their pursuit when Iago actually managed to find a grand source of water, thus ending the drought.

Other Appearances[]

Aladdin Books[]

Farouk occasionally appears in printed media but mostly those that are a retelling of the first film or as a background character in other stories.

Aladdin (video game)[]

Farouk appears as the boss of the fourth level in the SNES version of the Aladdin video game.



  • He was the boss in the Aladdin Super Nintendo video game, in the fourth level.
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