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Fashoom is an evil giant cyclops with an eye of destructive power who was also Fasir's young brother.

Physical Appearance[]

Fashoom concept art

Fashoom as a statue.

Fashoom is a towering cyclops easily 5 times larger than the average human. He has pale blue skin, a thin black goatee, sharp teeth and a portly frame accompanied by large muscles. His attire consists of a simple red garment, golden sandals and golden cuffs.

When he was transformed into a statue, his body was made of stone and cracked in parts, with the exception of his eye which was transformed into a stunning ruby.


Fashoom was a violent and greedy entity who only lived to kill and plunder all who he came across. His evil was so great that even his own brother detested him.


Fashoom was not only a physically powerful warrior like all cyclopes thanks to his giant size, but he was also skilled in the art of magic, able to create a palace that was enchanted to float in the sky for all time and summon destructive beams of energy from his eye.


Aladdin: The Series[]

The Prophet Motive[]

A thousand years ago, the giant cyclops, Fashoom, who used his single 'eye of terror' to rob an immense treasure from a thousand caravans and to destroy all those who dared to rob his treasure, was petrified and turned into stone by his brother, Fasir, now a "blind" seer, who prophesies in cryptic terms what's going to happen to Aladdin. First, Carpet is lured by Abis Mal and his servant Haroud Hazi Bin using a pink lady-carpet and press-ganged using moths to serve them, not just to fly on but to power a ship to fly to Fashoom's castle which floats in the air. Aladdin and his gang give chase, the pedestrians are caught in a net but thus hoisted into the castle, where Abis Mal robs the eye (in ruby form) from the petrified stone giant, which revives the murderous monster later on. Fashoom searches for his eye while unnoticeably knocking Aladdin (who along with his friends managed to escape earlier) down from Carpet. Once he finds his eye, he places it back on him. At first, he suspects Aladdin as the thief who stole his eye until he overhears Abis Mal cowardly saying about not robbing from Fashoom; thus, stating that Abis Mal was the one who stole his eye. Now, Fashoom focuses his eye on Abis Mal and Haroud; trying to destroy them with his lazer eye; stating that all those who rob him must pay and that he spares no one when Abis Mal cowardly pleads mercy. Just when he's about to destroy them, he is stopped by Jasmine. Fashoom now, focuses his eye on Jasmine and her friends while proclaiming that he will once again reign destruction upon the land; starting with them. After zapping his lazer on them, Aladdin uses a shield against it and aims it at the ceiling, which crumbles into pieces and falls on Fashoom; therefore, crushing him to death.

Caught by the Tale[]

When Genie tells 2 kids, who want to hear stories of Aladdin's adventures, a story about Aladdin versus Abis Mal, Fashoom appears as Abis Mal's minion along with Haroud in his castle until he is defeated by Aladdin and his friends.

Sneeze the Day[]

Due to Genie's magical illness which caused him to materialize or summon anything, Fashoom was resurrected along with the Al Muddy Sultan and Mechanicles' Mechanical Rhino Beetle. They cause many problems for Aladdin and his friends until they are all defeated by Genie's magic after being fully cured and having his old fully cosmic powers restored by the Orb of Machana. However, Genie defeats Fashoom by simply making him disappear, and as Genies cannot kill it is unknown what became of Fashoom.


  • Fashoom being resurrect by Genie's powers in "Sneeze the Day" references the fact that in the first film Genie implied that he could bring people back from the dead, but simply disliked doing it.
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