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Frigeed is an ice ifrit ("little devil" in Arabic) from the Aladdin episode "Of Ice and Men".

Physical Appearance[]

Frigeed is a diminutive ice ifrit resembling a small humanoid goblin made entirely of ice. On his head he has a three pointed formation which could be his frozen "hair" or some type of headgear. He can increase his own size by attaching himself to a larger ice body.



Frigeed is an eccentric, scatterbrained and very talkative being whose prone to outbursts of shock, hyperactivity and excitability. He has a chilling love for ice and snow, and believed the whole world was made of ice before Aladdin introduced him to Agrabah, which he wanted to turn into a "winder wasteland" like his own home, believing that everyone would be happier in a world of ice and snow. As such his actions can be very destructive and cause untold harm, yet he believes he is making things better for everyone. Initially this was the case as he made Agrabah's heat less intense at first and provided the populace with snow cones and snow structures to ogle and play with, but his own excessive love for ice made him go to the extreme, believing that freezing everything would make everyone even more happier. After being defeated by Aladdin, he grew vengeful towards his former friend before being blasted back to his home in the cold north. Because of his warped mentality, he seems to be a bit insane, likely due to his long isolation and he has trouble figuring out the obvious. As such his "evil" antics seem to be more of a result of his ignorance and warped mental state.

Iago best summarized Frajhid as "having the reasoning faculties of a boiled cabbage".


Aladdin (TV Series)[]

Of Ice and Men[]

When Aladdin brings Jasmine and their friends to the icy north, Iago discovers an ice palace. He convinces Aladdin to go in to look for Frajhid's treasure, assuring them Frajhid left ages ago. When they investigate, they run into traps and they eventually meet Frajhid, who turns out to be rather small. While Aladdin easily holds him off, Iago and Abu open his treasure chest and find it is full of what they initially believe to be diamonds, but turns out to just be ice.

After Jasmine points out to Frajhid he can easily make more ice, he becomes much more hospitable and friendly. After showing them vacation slides, they realize he's never been somewhere warm. They invite him to visit their hot home town, which he agrees to because Frajhid wants the people to experience ice and snow. While the people are initially delighted by the snow, after a few days he goes overboard.

Aladdin tries to stop him, Frajhid believes cold is best and misunderstands what Aladdin is saying. He creates two giant snowmen to help him make more snow. Though he means well, his actions put people in danger, though he never realizes this.

Aladdin and his friends get rid of him by melting him. They trick him into creating a glass of ice that can be placed in the frame of a magnifying glass, which almost fails because the clouds block the sun but Genie changes into a light-bulb which melts him. Frajhid is now water vapor and he vowed to get revenge as soon as he froze again, but Genie sent him back to the frozen north.


  • Like all other Ifrits, he is based on the low ranking demons from Arabic demonology, however Frigeed is a semi-friendly "ice" creature, while classic Ifrits are more associated with evil and fire, making Frigeed seem like the complete opposite of a traditional Ifrit.
  • His appearance, voice, personality and abilities seem to be based on those of Snow Miser, the eccentric manager of snow introduced in the 1974 Christmas Special The Year Without a Santa Claus.
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