Ice palace in the Frozen North


Ice ifrit




To make Agrabah cold


Aladdin and his friends


Ice, making ice, snow, and everything related to cold


Everything related to heat, warmth, and being yesterday's news

Voiced by

Dan Castellaneta
Eberhard Prüter (German)


Of Ice and Men

Frigeed is an ice ifrit ("little devil" in Arabic) from the Aladdin episode "Of Ice and Men".


Aladdin (TV Series)

Of Ice and Men

Frigeed lives in an ice castle at the Frozen North. When Aladdin and his friends get inside the castle, he gets angry at their arrival, then he welcomes the gang. Aladdin suggests that he visits Agrabah to make it snow and Frigeed agrees. Later, Jasmine talks to Aladdin about Frigeed. She tells him the ice ifrit froze the entire city. When the gang tries to stop Frigeed, he creates two giant snowmen to help him put snow in Agrabah. He then creates a statue of himself, gets rid of the head, and gets in there to stick his head out so he can look taller. The gang tricks Frigeed into thinking that everyone in the city is bored of snow. They use a magnifying glass to make Frigeed melt, but it's missing a lens (which Frigeed is later tricked into creating himself), but the sun appears and goes through the magnifying glass, which makes the ifrit begin to melt. However, the clouds cover the sun and Frigeed refreezes, but Genie turns into a lightbulb and the ifrit melts again. He then turns into a cloud of water vapor and gets blown out of Agrabah by Genie.

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