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Gamal the Gamester

Gamal the Gamester

Gamal the Gamester was once a free genie with a mighty gambling addiction, so much so that he bet away everything he owned, including his powers, rendering him a mere human.


Powers and Abilities[]



Gamal in human form



Gamal’s Past story

Long ago, Gamal was a freed genie with a mighty gambling addiction who enjoyed dangerous bets in the once prosperous City of Chance, spending all his time frivoling away anything he could at casinos for the thrill and amusements on bets. One day though, he bet off more than he could chew by betting away his powers as a genie and losing everything he owned. Though miserable, he still retained an immortal body, and so decided to spend eternity as the owner of a small hotel and casino and hoped that one day a genie would appear willing to bet away his own powers. Over the centuries, a dark fate befell the City of Chance apparently because of Gamal, becoming a ghost town and all its citizens became malicious ghosts that torment the streets at night in search of Gamal hoping to exact vengeance upon him and force him to pay them what he "owes", leaving Gamal as the city's only living resident.

Holiday for the Genie[]

When Aladdin, Genie, Jasmine, Magic Carpet and Abu were on vacation, Genie took them to the famous City of Chance, however Genie was not aware that the city had long since fallen to ruin during his 10,000 year imprisonment. Upon seeing Genie, Gamal believed his long wait had finally come to an end. He then led Genie into his casino. Once he had Genie enthralled with the games, he began his own devious game, tricking Genie into gambling away his powers which Gamal then won, restoring him back to his true genie self. Upon discovering Gamal's trickery, it was up to Aladdin to save the day. Taking advantage of Gamal's gambling addiction, Aladdin challenged him to a series of games to win back Genie's powers. With a little help from Carpet, Aladdin was able to defeat Gamal, but Gamal was a sore loser and quickly attacked the group in a fit of rage, refusing to pay his debts after waiting to restore himself after so long. As the group fled deeper into the deserted city to hide from Gamal, Aladdin and Jasmine wondered if there was anything Genie could do to save them. Genie then mustered what little power he had left to darken the skies over the city, summoning forth the tormented ghosts of the City. The ghosts then attacked Gamal whose genie powers had no affect on the ethereal specters who all demanded Gamal pay what he owed to Genie or be dragged down with them. With no choice left, Gamal surrendered and gave back his powers to Genie who then cleared away the darkness, making the ghosts disappear and leaving a powerless and furious Gamal behind in his bitter solitude.