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Ganastan is a kingdom within the Seven Deserts ruled by an unknown ruler.


Little is known of Ganastan other than it being one of the more prominent kingdoms in the Seven Deserts, and what little is seen of a map of it in the Sultan of Agrabah's room. It seems to not be too far from Agrabah, however a river must be crossed in order to reach it.

The kingdom is apparently famous for its monks who were master escape artists according to Aziz.



At an unknown point in the past, Ganastan was ravaged by the powerful minotaur Dominus Tusk and the kingdom's entire army was unable to stop him. However, Dominus Tusk apparently did not claim the territory for his own as the kingdom continued to rule itself and may have recovered judging from Agrabah's interest in allying with it.

Armored and Dangerous[]

Ganastan had sent its ambassador Akim to represent the kingdom and fortify the alliance between Ganastan and Agrabah, however the Sultan of Agrabah at the time was possessed by the evil spirit Kileem who threatened Akim and nearly broke his hand, and later declared war on Ganastan. After the Sultan was freed from Kileem's control, it is unknown if their alliance was reforged or broken entirely.


  • There is a real life village in India called Ganastan, although it is unknown if the Ganastan in Aladdin was named after it or if Ganastan is simply a fictionalized Afghanistan.