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Gazeem is the minor antagonist in Aladdin, appearing only at the beginning of that movie.



At night, out in the middle of the Arabian desert, Gazeem meets with Jafar, a meeting for which he is apparently late. He shows Jafar that he managed to steal the other half of the golden scarab amulet used to summon the Cave of Wonders, though he had to slit a few throats to get it. He suppresses his half of the amulet when Jafar tries to take it, wanting the treasure he was promised first, but Jafar's parrot Iago grabs it from him, Jafar assuring his end of the bargain will be upheld. As soon as the halves form together, the amulet flies off to the cave's location and they follow on horseback. The entrance to the cave materializes before them in the form of a giant tiger's head, much to Gazeem's awe. Jafar tells Gazeem to bring him the magic lamp he seeks, saying Gazeem can have any treasure he likes, but the lamp is his.

Gazeem peers down the cave's mouth, only to be knocked back as the Tiger God, the entity guarding the cave, demands to know who woke it up, and Gazeem introduces himself. The Tiger God warns that only one may enter the cave: a "Diamond in the Rough", which Gazeem is not. Gazeem hesitates, but Jafar, not quite understanding the Tiger God's words, tells Gazeem to continue. Gazeem watchfully sets foot into the cave entrance and breathes a sigh of relief when nothing happens. Suddenly, however, the cave roars furiously. Gazeem frantically tries to escape, but the cave moves so fast for him to react and its entrance clamps its mouth shut on top of him, killing him immediately, much to Jafar's horror and anger. As it falls inactive again, the Tiger God-like creature instructs Jafar to seek out the "Diamond in the Rough", who turns out to be the movie's titular main hero and a thief and street rat.

Behind the Scenes[]

During the film's conceptual phase, Gazeem would have survived and found the lamp which he then used to transform into Prince Achmed, however it seems these ideas were abandoned, and Genie's comment about not being released in 10,000 years suggests that Gazeem did not survive.


  • He was a boss in the Aladdin Sega Genesis video game, in the game's third level.
  • Upon first gazing upon the Cave of Wonders, Gazeem briefly utters "By Allah...". "Allah" is the Arabic term for "God".
  • Gazeem is not actually a real Arabic name, but it seems to be based off the name Kassim.
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