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He is large muscular but slightly overweight and often wears brown armor held up by two leather straps over his arms. He has blond hair and a long moustache that runs towards the bottom of his head and has a double chin. He usually wears a grey helmet with white horns and a purple cape.


He fits the ideal image of the Odiferous barbarian: strong, not too intelligent and enjoys bashing. When confronted he enjoys bashing, even if it means destroying several builigns just to defeat one enemy when a simpler method could've been reached. He does not respect Aladdin, often calling him frail and puny even after Aladdin proves thinking is better than fighting and even mistakes his decision to use brains rather than just charging in as weakness and cowardice. Despite this and his love of fighting and smashing, he understands that war is bad and stinks, implying he has a limit to how much destruction is good and that he does care for lives and prefers not killing anyone. He is loyal to Prince Uncouthma. On an interesting note, some of his soldiers seem more intelligent than him, as one reported that their defenses were reflected during their war with Agrabah (caused by Nefir), and General Gouda told him not to use big words.


Smells Like Trouble[]

He appears during the cheese festival where he is shown bashing stuff, which impresses Bud. He calls Aladdin puny and weak and often makes fun of his stature. When a lizard that infects people with an unusual coma inducing disease by breathing on them attacks the Odiferons, he smashes several buildings just to get one lizard when there are millions more. Aladdin chastises him for this, but he pays him no mind. He is later infected himself but is saved by Bud and Aladdin, with Bud finally learning from Aladdin that sometimes it is better to think, much to Gouda's disapproval as he still believes Aladdin couldn't had finished the lizards off on his own.

The Way we War[]

He wages war on Agrabah after Nefir claims that they stole their sacred crock of cheese. However, after Prince Uncouthma and Aladdin are hit with the crossfire, he halts war against Agrabah and learns of Nefir's involvement in staging the war. He stops Iago from pummeling Nefir, saying how war stinks and Aladdin reveals Nefir was the one who stole the cheese and Gouda threatens Nefir to repair Agrabah and return the gold.


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