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Genie Convention

Despite their fall from grace and mass imprisonment, Genies have a very special time of jubilee that they celebrate for three days once every 1,000 years from February 17 to 19. The Genie Convention a special time where the prisons that bind a genie grow weak and all the imprisoned genies are able to temporarily leave their servitude for just these 3 days once a millennium. This event is controlled by three influential genies referred to as the Genie Convention Committee (or GCC) who choose a chairman to host the convention every thousand years. During this time, genies relax or party as much as they can, however because of their powers genies may end up causing untold damage to the places they choose to hold their conventions at, such as their dancing tearing buildings down, their over-consumption of food ruining local economies such as fishing and even a simple relaxing act such as sunbathing can turn an entire beach into glass. In fact, they may even get so reckless that turning humans into objects or altering the flow of time within the location of a convention can be seen as harmless fun to them.

Genie Jamboree[]