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Genie Union

The Genie Union punishing Iago.

The Genie Union or simply the Union is a group mentioned by Genie who are seemingly the ones responsible for ensuring that genies abide by the Code of the Genie and do not abuse their powers for their own benefit. Genie claims that they are "very vigilant" however in truth they tend to overlook things quite often. (Power to the Parrot)

If the rules of the Code are defied or a genie questions their authority, the rebellious genie will be sent to a dark world where they will endure all sorts of chaotic torture, from being torn apart by horses to being bombarded with atomic bombs.

As mentioned before, they do not have eyes and ears everywhere and because of this they tend to overlook things, as Genie has gotten away with materializing giant hot fudge sundaes for himself (which he tries to keep quiet about). Despite this, there are many ways to go around the rules or find loopholes in the Code, which the Union will not punish a genie for, as genies like Jafar and Eden could twist the rules for their own benefit, such as taking the wishes of their masters "literally" or purposely misunderstood them to avoid obeying them, and in Jafar's case, torture his victims to the extreme without actually killing. Although as Jafar intended to kill once he was freed, it is unknown if he would have gotten away with it or have found a loophole. But as Iago showed during his brief destructive tenure as a genie, it seems the Union will only be quick to act if directly called out. This is further shown with Bizarrah who was able to get away with causing non-lethal havoc while freed, but instead of killing people she imprisoned them. It is also against the Union's rules to mix genie magic with witch magic, as such a mixture could unravel the fabric of the universe. (Witch Way Did She Go?)

According to the comics, the Master of All Djinn is the enforcer of rules and overseer of genie marriage, so he is quite likely the head of the Union as well. (The Old Switcheroo)



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