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Evil Genie concept art

Rejected concept art of the film's evil genie.

In an early concept of Aladdin, there were going to be two genies like in the original story - the genie of the lamp and a genie of the ring. Not much is known about the genie of the ring. According to, Jafar would have gotten his hands on the ring and used the genie against Aladdin. It is assumed that the genie of the ring was also to be male. The genie of the ring character was ultimately replaced by a magic carpet.


  • In the original tale of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, the Genie of the Ring was a lesser genie that was weaker than the one in the lamp, but was given to Aladdin by the evil Sorcerer in order to traverse the magic cave where the lamp was hidden. When he found the lamp and became trapped in the cave after the Sorcerer tried to betray him, he used the Genie of the Ring to help him escape the cave. He later discovered the second genie in the lamp he found and used its greater powers to wish for great fortune. But when the lamp is stolen by the Sorcerer, the Genie of the Ring is unable to undo the Genie of the Lamp's magic over the city, but he still aids Aladdin in getting the lamp back and saving the kingdom and the princess.
    • For the film, the Genie of the Ring was apparently going to to be used for evil purposes by Jafar at some point, in sharp contrast to his role in the original story. However, the Genie of the Ring's role as it was depicted in the original story was taken over by the Magic Carpet who does almost everything the Genie of the Ring did in the original story.
  • In the film, The Sultan's ring which Jafar steals to discover Aladdin might be a nod to the unused ring plot line.
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