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Genies (also known as Djinn) are a powerful race of wish-granting beings made of pure magic who are gifted with phenomenal cosmic powers that allow them to bend the rules of the world and take on any form they desire. The most notable of their kind is the eponymous Genie.


Genies are highly desirable slaves due to their great powers, as such mortals will try to capture a genie in a bottle, lamp or any other container, or even jewelry such as necklaces or rings, which may force them into servitude until they are permanently freed by a master's wish. Genies will also punish evil members of their kind by imprisoning them in their own lamps or bottles.

Genies and Mukhtars[]

The Mukhtars were the natural enemies of all Genies, with the Mukhtars being a race of hunters who dedicated their lives to destroying genies due to their powers and "nonsense" or capturing them and turning them into slaves, reducing the genie population severely.

Because of their heated history with Mukhtars, Genies see Mukhtars as their natural enemies and fear them greatly due to being one of the few beings capable of containing their powers and destroying them. ("Genie Hunt")


Due to their abilities, Genies are naturally eccentric and because of their ability to see into the future they are prone to comedic references, even in front of people in the past who have no idea what they're talking about. Genies take great pride in using their vast magical powers in the service of others and have various measures against malicious members of their race who use their powers for selfish desires or evil. (Power to the Parrot)

Other aspects of genie life are just as unusual, as even romance between two genies results in the manifestation of flying pigs playing croquet with the starts, resulting in meteor showers. And a genie's idea of a date can involve traversing the celestial bodies. ("Some Enchanted Genie")

Despite their fall from grace and mass imprisonment, Genies have a very special time of jubilee that they celebrate for three days once every 1,000 years from February 17 to 19, the Genie Convention, a special time where the prisons that bind a genie grow weak and all the imprisoned genies are able to temporarily leave their servitude for just these 3 days once a millennium. This event is controlled by three influential genies referred to as the Genie Convention Committee (or GCC) who choose a chairman to host the convention every thousand years. During this time, genies relax or party as much as they can, however because of their powers genies may end up causing untold damage to the places they choose to hold their conventions at, such as their dancing tearing buildings down, their over-consumption of food ruining local economies such as fishing and even a simple relaxing act such as sunbathing can turn an entire beach into glass. In fact, they may even get so reckless that turning humans into objects or altering the flow of time within the location of a convention can be seen as harmless fun to them. ("Genie Jamboree")

Because of how destructive genies can be, even if their antics are not inherently malicious, its no surprise as to why they were imprisoned and hunted down in the first place, especially with how prone many of them are to making pranks and the risk of any of them turning evil.

Genie Tribes and Population[]

According to Genie, long ago there was once 72 genie tribes with exactly 72,000 genies. The known tribes had a sort of hierarchy that divided the genies based on their color and unique traits, with the other kinds of genies being the regular colorful Djinn such as Genie, the reptilian Marids such as Ashab Khan, the demonic Ifrits which acted as servants to the Marids, with their being a thousand Marids each having a thousand Ifrit servants, as well as the far weaker and ghastly shapeshifting Ghouls who were banished beneath the earth and could be sealed inside rings. Some genies had more power and authority than others based on their class. ("Abu and the Evil Genie", "Jasmine's Quest for the Stardust Sapphire")

Powers and Abilities[]

Because of their phenomenal cosmic powers, a genie is normally nigh-invincible, only limited by their own intelligence or cleverness. They can shapeshift into any form they wish, teleport anywhere they wish or materialize anything they or anyone could ever want, with the only limit being the rules and limitations enforced upon all genies via the Code of the Genie. A genie who has been imprisoned seems to become truly all-powerful with the price being eternal imprisonment in an "itty-bitty living space", and if set free they will loose much of their powers. (Aladdin, The Return of Jafar) However they can briefly restore their powers via other means such as the Orb of Machana or when under a tremendous level of emotional stress. ("Sneeze the Day", "The Way We War") A genie can also become vastly more powerful by performing the legendary "Genie Embrace", an action that involves two genies hugging each other, resulting in their powers being shared and becoming doubled for each. ("The Book of Khartoum") Genies can also sense the presence of fellow genies and are spiritually linked to whatever container seals them up and as such can sense if it rubbed or meddled with and the location of the object once the former has happened. Genies can also become mortal by loaning out their powers to others and regain their power through physical contact just as easily.(Power to the Parrot) Genies can also create more genies by turning mortal masters in Genies at their request as seen with Jafar.


Genies are essentially immortal and posses mighty cosmic powers, but there are many ways to defeat them, torment them or destroy them entirely. First and foremost, a genie cannot escape a confining and sealed container such as a bottle or lamp once tricked inside of one, and the Crystal of Ix is also capable of capturing a genie as well as any other being. Rings and necklaces can also be used to imprison them, especially their distant ghoulish cousins. (Aladdin, The Return of Jafar, Aladdin the Animated Series) Secondly, genies are highly allergic to guava juice and contact with it can make them loose control of their powers and become chaotic which can last for decades or even centuries and the only known cure is the Orb of Machana. ("Sneeze the Day") Thirdly, Genies can be enslaved through the use of enchanted cuffs that have been forged and brought to life by Mukhtars which cannot be destroyed by Genies, and once these cuffs are on they cannot be removed except by the Mukhtar who placed them on the genie. ("Genie Hunt") Fourthly, genies can be trapped by regular confinements such as a stockade if the traps have been stewed for days in whale jelly. ("Never Say Nefir") Fifth and finally, a genie can only be killed via two methods, the only way to kill a freed genie is by siphoning all the magic from their bodies via methods like alchemy or using magic-devouring creatures such as Thirdacks, and an enslaved all-powerful genie can only be destroyed by destroying the object that confines them. ("The Citadel", The Return of Jafar)

Code of the Genie[]

Rules of the Genie

The many Rules of the Genie.

A genie, freed or not, is bound by the many rules enforced by the Genie Union's Code of the Genie. When a genie is imprisoned by a Mukhtar, magic cuffs appear on their wrists and they are permanently tied to the magic object they are imprisoned to via metaphysical chains until they are granted freedom by a master. Once imprisoned, a genie must grant anyone who summons them from the object 3 wishes, no more, no less (although they can grant at least one inconsequential "freebie"). If a genie is wish freed however, the cuffs will disappear and be free once again, although with their grand powers slightly limited. However they can be imprisoned again if they're not careful.

Wishing Rules[]

While imprisoned, a genie must also give their master rules that they cannot break themselves:

  • A master can only have 3 wishes, no more, no less. And wishing for more wishes is forbidden. However a genie can bend the rules a bit and grant a "freebie", especially if they are tricked by their master.
  • A genie cannot kill directly under any circumstance as it is beyond their power to inflict death on others directly. Jafar as a genie was able to at least get around this rule a bit, by torturing his victims to the extreme, claiming "you'd be surprised what you can live through". But even if they directly attack a victim, it will only leave them severely wounded. However, a genie can grant their master amazing powers of their own which they can use to kill others, or simply turn their master's enemies into bugs that can be easily crushed. A genie can also place curses on objects that will cause people to age rapidly but not kill them instantly.
  • Genies cannot deal in love, and as such can't force anyone real to fall in love or force anyone into marriage. However they can at least create magical harem girls to appease their masters, but these may only count for "entertainment purposes" rather than for love. They can also "help" their master find love as long as it does not involve manipulating the emotions of the love interest or forcing them into marriage.
  • Genie claims that he cannot bring people back from the dead, however his wording seems to imply that he actually can do this but dislikes doing so, as resurrections usually go horribly wrong, turning the desired deceased into a horrifying undead. His ability to bring back the dead was confirmed in "Sneeze the Day".

Aside from these rules, genies are also not allowed to serve animals. If an animal rubs their lamp and releases them, they will technically count as being freed and are not obligated to do anything for said animal, as shown with Bizarrah.

Other Rules[]

Genie Seminars

A genie attending a Genie seminar.

A freed genie still has to abide by many other rules which cannot be broken. However these exist to ensure a genie does not abuse their powers for evil and selfish gain, but many loopholes can still be exploited if a genie knows how to get around the code.

  • A genie cannot indulge themselves in avarice, such as creating a big pile of treasure for themselves or endless food unless it's for others. However a genie can get around this by giving someone the power to make treasure for them.
  • A genie cannot break promises, as a genie's word is his bond. However they can still trick the person they made the promise to into giving up on wanting to carry out the promise.
  • A genie must not mix their magic with that of a witch's, as it can unravel the very fabric of reality.
  • A genie must not question the Genie Union.


Dosh Ka

Genie and Ashab Khan in a Dosh Ka duel.

Dosh-Ka is a formal dueling challenge between two genies and one of the few things genies take seriously. Once a genie declares Dosh-Ka on another genie, the challenge cannot be ignored and must be honored by all genies as per tradition. To begin the Dosh-Ka, the opposing genies must sit cross-legged while facing one another and perform a ceremonial chant before declaring "Dosh-Ka!". The genie who was challenged is the one who can cast the first spell. The only way to win the Dosh Ka is to force the opposing genie to surrender or somehow immobilize them by trapping them in a container. ("Abu and the Evil Genie")