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Getting the Bugs Out
Season 1, Episode 1
Ep 6
Air date February 6, 1994
Written by Steve Roberts
Directed by Toby Shelton
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"Getting the Bugs Out" is the first episode of Aladdin the TV Series. It originally aired on the Disney Channel on February 6, 1994. It was later broadcast as the 6th episode to air in syndication.


After Jasmine and Iago buy a jeweled dragonfly at the marketplace, the two give it to the Sultan as a gift to make it work. After the Sultan makes the toy work, the dragonfly uncontrollably shoots out steels of spikes and tries to attack the gang. Although Genie and Carpet destroy the toy, Aladdin takes the credit from the Sultan, which Jasmine doesn't seem to like.

Then, the gang goes to a canyon in the desert where there is a town that has been destroyed. When the gang arrives, the townsmen welcome Aladdin as their new leader. Mechanical bugs appear to destroy the town and Aladdin uses Genie and Carpet to fight them. Aladdin, again, takes all the credit and not Genie and Carpet, even though they were the ones to destroy the bugs. One of the destroyed mechanical bugs goes to a large golden building whose resident is a mad Greek inventor named Mechanicles; often referring to himself as "the greatest of the great Greek geniuses". It shows Mechanicles Genie and Carpet destroying the beetles in a drawing with oil, so, the scientist now plans on kidnapping the two.

While Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, and Iago are having a feast with the townspeople, Genie and Carpet are outside keeping watch. Later on, more mechanical bugs appear and kidnap Genie and Carpet. The townsmen realize that Aladdin can't fight without his two friends, and they leave. Aladdin and the others head out to rescue Genie and Carpet while following the oil left by some of the mechanical bugs.

They all go to Mechanicles' home and meet the inventor. Aladdin plans on saving Genie and Carpet while Abu, Iago and Jasmine distract Mechanicles by breaking his stuff and spiling oil, due to Mechanicles' OCD problems and desire of keeping things clean and tidy. After the gang reunites Genie and Carpet, Mechanicles decides to destroy the town himself, using a large mechanical bug; before continuing cleaning the mess left by Aladdin and his friends. Aladdin gets inside the bug to make it stop working, while the rest of the gang and the townspeople try to stop Mechanicles.

After defeating the inventor, Aladdin states that everyone saved the town. Mechanicles gets out; flying on a small flying butterfly-like pod and swears to Aladdin that he will have his revenge on him, thus, beginning their feud and later encounters.

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"Wares? They call this junk "wares"? It looks more like "whats" or "whys" - Iago

"Greetings meddlesome strangers! I am Mechanicles, the greatest of the great Greek geniuses. Archimedes? An amateur. Socrates? Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk." - Mechanicles